Jamaipanese.com Hits the 3 Year Mark

Today February 2nd 2009 marks 3 years since I started blogging here on Jamaipanese.com. Another year as passed by quickly and I have spent some time  over the past few days thinking about about what I have achieved (blog related) in the last year. I continue to enjoy blogging, for me it’s not a chore or a job it’s a outlet for my interests and I enjoy updating my blog, getting comments and meeting new people who share my Japan interest.

Who wants get me a gift to mark my 3rd year blogging?
Buy me this car I am “posing” beside….it’s already in my favourite colour

Year in Review and Favourite Posts

I had custom smileys designed for my site last February that I have been using with most of my posts since. June was a quiet month while I was away on vacation. My favourite set of posts were in August as I watched Jamaica set the birds nest on fire in Beijing. I made my 500th post on Jamaipanese.com in November, thought about it and then converted to WordPress in December. 2009 came rolling in and now my blog is 3 years old.

Stats and Figures

According to Google Analytics Jamaipanese.com welcomed over 80, 000 visitors from February 1st 2008 – February 1st 2009 which compared to some other websites might seem like nothing but I am grateful to every last visitor to my site and it’s a 30% increase over the previous year so let me say a big thank you to all who have every visited and continue to visit my site. Anime related posts continue to be golden and I could kick myself for not not posting more anime goodness for the masses. A new and interesting statistic I would like to report this year is that 60% of the visitors to my site over the last year are Mozilla Firefox users ^_^.

Whats there to look forward to?

I’ve been thinking long and hard and trying to come up with ideas on how to take Jamaipanese.com to the next level and I have been successful with plucking out a few cool ideas. Incorporation of some kind of self created video in the form of a monthly vidcast of some sort is one idea, visiting and reviewing all the Japanese restaurants I can find in Jamaica as well as attending any and every Japan related event in Jamaica no matter where on the island it will be is the second idea. The third and most important idea is to kick off my plans for visiting Japan so that by my 4th blogoversary I can have concrete knowledge of when I will be finally going to Japan.

A big thanks again to all my visitors, all the people I have met through my blog, all fellow Japan related and Caribbean bloggers, my friends and family for enduring my Japan obsession and finally all the persons who have sent me positive messages through my contact page – you guys inspire me the most. My third year of blogging begins now!