My 5 Most Favourite Heroes Season 3 Characters

I have already posted my 5 least favourite Heroes Season 3 characters and as promised this post will contain my 5 most favourite characters from their performances in season 3. Season 3 wasn’t as good as I expected it to be but I still enjoyed the performances of the following characters.

Warning – Spoilers – Present!

Angella Petrelli: Make no mistake about…Mrs Petrelli is a bitch but the type of evil, manipulative, fake, old hag that eats young babies for breakfast and I love her. I wasn’t always a fan of her but she played a big role and came into her own as a character in season 3 plus we all know that the Petrelli family is the first family in the Heroes universe.

Hiro Nakamura: Hiro is one of the most popular characters in Heroes and he topped my previous favourite characters list for good reason, but in season 3 I think there writers rode on Hiro’s popularity too much although he was as funny as ever and made into this list due to my obvious Japan bias. That scene when Hiro and Ando first met the African goes down as the funniest scene in Heroes so far. I’m really looking forward to see what purpose an ability-less Hiro will serve in season 4.

Meredith Gordon: I remember saying sometime ago that the Heroes series had a blonde overload, I may hate Elle but Meredith is the exact opposite. I like her role and enjoy each scene she takes part in. Her accent doesn’t seem as fake as Mohinder’s and I am a fire lover. It seems she was killed off in the season final but there is something fishy about her death, both she and my former favourite blonde Nikki Sanders died in season finale explosions but I don’t think either is dead.

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Noah Bennet: I liked him, then hated him now I like him again, Mr Bennet isn’t an evolved human but he has powers, the power to drive fear into even the most powerful evolved human and he went on the hunt when Sylar and Elle betrayed the company and then eventually lost their powers. He is a central character in the story of Heroes and season four will no doubt have him doing interesting things.

Sylar: Season 3 belonged to Sylar, his story was explained further, his character was on display very often and he keeps adding to the body count in the series and that is a very good thing. I can’t see how a fan of the series could dislike Sylar and if there are any I would like to know why. He reprised his role as the main badass in the series toward to the send of season 3 but he keeps getting more and more powerful and now seems unstoppable.

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Which Heroes characters do you like? and what are your expectations for Heroes season 4?

Edit: This post was made a week ago and was intended to be posted just before the Start of season 4 but that date clashed with my blog’s 3rd anniversary. I did watch the first episode of season 4 last night but I’ll post my comments at a later date.


5 thoughts on “My 5 Most Favourite Heroes Season 3 Characters

  1. I’ve stopped watching heroes. It np longer interests me. Also it conflicts with my Fox Monday night programming.

  2. I think Hiro’s character is taking a breather this season. I guess it’s because that he’s everywhere in the last two season. He’s still interesting though and I’d like to see how his character develops. I don’t like Peter’s character or maybe it’s because of his power. I never liked superheroes with godlike powers.

  3. Sylar is by far the best, he is the best actor and the most interesting to watch.

    Noah Bennet has to be my second, it wouldn’t work without him, hes the only reason i want clair in the show.

    Hiro is fantastic too.

    Peter and Clair are the most anoying, i cant stand the way they speak and what they do with there face when there trying to act.

    I cant belive they got ride of niki aswell, but glad Ali Larter is back as tracy, shes one of my favouate actresses, and shes gorgeous.

    Im glad Meredith is dead.

    I wish mohinder would die, hes really pissing me off, if he narates much longer i dont think i will be able to carry on watching.

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