Tallest building in Tokyo – Midtown Tower

Midtown Tower is the tallest of half a dozen buildings located in the Midtown Complex in Tokyo, Japan. It was completed in 2007 and is currently the tallest building in Tokyo. It is 248.1 meters (814 ft) tall and has 59 floors (5 underground and 54 above ground).

Tokyo Midtown picture by MookE

Random surfing has led to to learning another bit of information about Japan I thought I’d share but it would be very interesting if I could somehow see this building with my own eyes one day.

Tokyo Midtown Official Site


2 thoughts on “Tallest building in Tokyo – Midtown Tower

  1. I’ve never been past the second floor, but it’s super shmancy-fancy. I went there for the Yahoo! Japan end-of-year party, and they give you this crazy card you scan at all these automated security gates to get where you want to go. It will let you make exactly one trip along one route from the lobby to your destination in the building, and then out, and then never works again.

    Didn’t know it was the tallest, though. When you make it out here you should also check out Landmark Tower in Yokohama- world’s fastest elevators.

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