Barack Obama is my President

I am not an American citizen but Barack Obama feels like my president, yes he is of African decent and so am I, but my admiration of him goes deeper than just the colour of his skin. He is a strong, hardworking, educated and successful man who has become a hero for millions of young people like myself. When I think about it he is “my” president, in the sense that he a role model, a person not blindly follow in the footsteps of but to learn from and emulate.

My Favourite Obama portrait found in flickr photostream of asbf48

Reminiscing on my Visit to Washington DC

It feels good knowing that I was in Washington DC last year, visiting the same monuments like the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial which I saw live while watching the streaming of Inauguration day activities. It also feels good to not only recognize the names of but to have walked streets like Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenue mentioned and written about so often in Inauguration day coverage in the media.

US Capitol Building Photograph by Me

There are still many people who dislike Obama and it’s sad but the real work for him has just begun but I wish him all the best and I am confident he will be one of America’s best presidents. I salute you President Obama!