Zombie Loan – An Anime that sucks

It has taken me almost 2 years to watch the first 7 episodes of Zombie Loan for a reason. Since blogging my first impressions of Zombie Loan in July 2007 I have tried and failed multiple times to endure the experience watching the anime in it’s entirety but I have now given up as I could better spend my time watching other anime or feeding my Japanese drama obsession.

Why I hate it

Michiru Kita is a clumsy female high school student who posses “shinigami” eyes which allow her to see darkened rings around the necks of persons who will die soon with pitch black rings indicating that the individual has already died. Terrified of her ability she wears glasses to obscure her vision so that she is unable to view these rings. Her parents died when she was young and left a fortune for her which she cannot gain until she is a least 18 years old. She runs into Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana at school one day and notices pitch black rings around their necks and that’s how the story (and I use that term lightly) begins.

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Shito, Michiru and Chika

Why I really really hate it

Why are there so many shinigami in anime? Why did it promise so much with such a cool art style and decent character design? Why did I feel more and more disappointed, frustrated and lost with each episode? Zombie Loan’s story is a steaming cocktail of bad comedy, hentai, hints of yaoi,  and boring characters. Everything seems tied together by the sacred story telling art of jotting down a few ideas on tiny pieces of paper, putting them into a barrel then throwing that barrel from a plane. The writer then pieces those ideas together to form the story while adding a sprinkle of anime stereotypes to sell the product. School based story (check), retarded female lead (check), flashing lights and transforming before action scene (check)…and I could go on and on.

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Bekko – the only interesting character in the 6 or so episodes I watched

Don’t watch Zombie Loan and if your friends try to get you to watch it or tell you how cool it is pepperspray them and run to the nearest police station.

I didn’t think it was possible but Michiru Kita is worse than Orihime Inoue from Bleach

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23 thoughts on “Zombie Loan – An Anime that sucks

  1. This sounds like a Bleach/Soul Eater crossover gone wrong, lol! Yeah, I’ve read some reviews about it and it’s not pretty good from what I’ve read =p. Don’t feel so bad though..there are many Anime shows that took me years to watch only to come back thinking “why did I try to watch this?”. I’ve become very careful with what I watch.

  2. Got to love an anime with an absurd title like Zombie Loan! Sounds like an Akihabara financing company!

  3. I’m not going to lie, the first time I saw this, I hated it, too. Don’t ask me what possessed me to go back and watch it a second time, but all of a sudden I saw such deeply detailed things that I had no idea even existed. Beneath the cheap art style is a story and cast of characters that sucked me in and wouldn’t let go. Its style of storytelling isn’t as easy to understand as one is usually used to… I realize you’ve all been brainwashed by typical anime that shove its themes in your face, but this allows you to dig deeper, and to this date I never run out of new things that take me by surprise. I think that Ichigo can go ahead and have his bankai and Naruto can have his rasengan, but these characters – Michiru, Shito and Chika – are undoubtedly the strongest I’ve ever seen.

    1. It is not my intention to sound mean.

      Storytelling is not an invention of anime. It doesn’t matter how great a story is if it is not paced properly and intriguing enough the story writer’s job no matter how good it might be is a failed one.

      Michiru and strong should be used in the same sentence

      1. Just because it’s not easily visible from the surface does not mean it does not exist. If you take a look at the Michiru from both the first and third episodes, already you can see a difference in her personality. I’m not sure if I was the writer that I would have been quite so drastic in making her appear weak, but it was clearly intentional and set on creating a larger contrast between who she was, who she is, and who she has the potential to become. The two boys serve as the stronger opposites she learns from, sort of acting as the polar opposite devils on each of her shoulders. These characters are not static by any means; tell me, what other story has such strong changes in its characters within the first few episodes? I don’t mean physically, I don’t mean gaining a new attack ability, I don’t mean becoming a vampire or some other supernatural being, I mean growing mentally. Every thing down to the smallest detail fit their characters as well as if they were alive and breathing. The anime of this series didn’t get far enough to show how far these characters really grew, and I get the feeling that the anime director did not love this story as much as the original authors, Peach-Pit, did.

        1. K Russo. I just wanted to put out there that you don’t find many anime fans that can word what they like about an anime as well as you did. ^_^ so if you ever check this forum again. (I actually just ‘Stumbled’ it.) But yeah, so there’s a compliment you can maybe sink your teeth into? ^_^;;

          1. @K russo & Xuuibooi

            I’m going to give this series a third chance for that. I had to ditch it for bad translation problems in the first try and the second made it clear that the first had the eps in the wrong order too.. so it was too hard to start over when I already knew things from the later eps. I suppose it’s been long enough though. I’ll see if I can enjoy it.

  4. I watched Zombie-Loan and I think that it’s very good. Why do you hate it?
    The story is easy to understand, but not to easy that you know the end before you watched it. [angry]

  5. I have only watched one part of episode one in total but I find it quite entertaining. After all, Michiru Kita resembles a favourite character of mine, Retasu Midorikawa. They both possess similar appearances, similar lifestyles yet Michiru is slightly confident and hardly sane… it’d make a great watch, although I have too busy a schedule to watch the entire series. You are only frustrated by how little access to the show there is.

  6. I LOVED IT. xD One of the best I’ve watched in a while. I don’t know how you can hate it. Even on the first episode I was compelled to watch more.

    1. i loved it too. the anime isnt that great, and it ends way too early, but im reading the manga (which is fantastic!!) and im always checking onemanga.com to see if there are any updates on the chapters, and am always checking animefreak.tv for any updates on the anime.
      i love them both, although the manga is superior by far.
      if you dont like the anime, always give the manga a chance, (although the first chapters arent always that great) after reading a bit you would have probaly changed your mind as the manga is nearly always the better one out of the two. gotta love manga and anime! [japan] [love]

  7. [japan] well the anime sucked that is for sure but the manga is way cooler and makes more sence
    ive read only to book 4 and ive seen only 1 shinigami and i was shocked to find out yuuta is a guy… anyways manga>than anime all times

  8. It didn’t really suck that bad, the manga was much better than the anime, and is actually being updated. However the anime is worth watching, because seriously guys, this isn’t life or death. It’s an ANIME. God forbid it’s a bit cliche, they are all mostly cliche. Especially the most popular ones. Anyhow, give it a chance if you have time to watch anime, no harm in watching this one. Cute characters, and interesting zombie idea(not some damn ninja/magical girl storyline again). If you find it interesting, a good few laughs, and maybe you’ll go on intrigued to read the manga, you hate it, you hate it, you only wasted maybe a couple hours(which is wasted daily on useless activities anyhow). :) I’m just tired of bloggers going around bashing everything and people taking away serious ideals of an anime, from somebody else’s preference.

  9. I read the manga and it’s pretty good so far, maybe the production of Anime has ruined another fine story.

  10. Love the manga, never seen the anime & now I plan to keep it that way. (I don’t really watch much anime anyway… well, my exception is Naruto.)
    [japan] <—- I like this one!

  11. [love] The book is better!<3 it hase more in it very interting! but its incomplet after chapter 66D: and it was gwtting really good! [cry]

    How can anyone hate it!!!??? I think the anime should have gone longer because it ended kind of suddenly [eek] but i started reading the manga and its really good. The characters aren’t boring at all! There is nothing wrong at all with this anime and i give it a 10/10 easily the first episode was good the second episode was good the third forth fith ect. were all good!!! [love] [smile]

  13. The guy who made this probably is an idiot and likes deathnote or fruits basket and is also 30 and extremly over weight dont rant about an anime you didnt watch till the end and dont make a page about it like you know anime that are so good you touched yourself to and dont try to post bullshit about bleach it is good.

    1. Eric, your post has really irked me.
      What on earth has weight and age got to do with opinion? Seriously?! If someone is 30+ and overweight does that instantly mean they are uneducated or moronic?
      I haven’t watched this anime, I have read the manga, it’s okay not bad – not great. Unlike your concept of punctuation which is quite simply non-existent. Who are you to tell the author of this article what they can and can’t post on their own blog? Take some time to re-read your comment and evaluate your concept of respect, I really think you need to.
      Then again, I might just be talking crap since I turn 30 in 4 months and wear medium-sized clothes. [shocked]

  14. u guyz are fucking retards Zombie Loan is Awesome it has everything lots of blood some leasbo sceans lots of cutting slashing thrusting awesome fights some nice friends talks some hints of hentai dang I rRRrrrrrRrlyyyy liked ZLoan :}

  15. I could not even believe what I was reading! Are you kidding me? Hate Z Loan? It’s a great manga! I love the story and everything about it. I respect your opinion, but the manga is always better than the anime. [eek]

  16. You sir are on crack … not only did u make this blog to insult “Zombie Loan” but Bleach too … sure the title Zombie loan was a pretty bad choice but the anime it’s self wasn’t all tht bad … but bitchs gotta bitch and haters gotta hate [zzz] noob!! …

  17. This is one of the more original anime themes and stories I have ever seen. The thing that makes me most upset is that it is only 13 episodes long with a 83 books already written. I hope that more people appreciate the fact that it is original and no copied from something else. I was captivated from episode 1 to 13, that I sat down and watched it all through in one time. I laughed, and was sad at times, and the action was needed where it should of been. There were twists in the story where it needed to be, if you don’t appreciate this, then just watch something else that is more basic and suited for your mind set.

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