From my other Blogs – Ninth Edition

This is the ninth edition of a monthly recap of interesting posts from my photography blog and my video game blog.

The monthly photography outing that I go on with friends took me to eastern Jamaica again last month with the highlight of the trip being Turtle Bay in Portland. The bay gets it’s name from from a turtle shell shaped rock formation just off the coast and there are some other massive rock formations. The January trip to photography trip to RobinÒ€ℒs Bay, St Mary actually took place in in early February so it has been 2 trips so far int he first 3 months of the year. Playing around with my camera and my two Gundam figures Double O and Heavy Arms Kai in different lighting conditions and settings on my camera has made me start to be very interested in table top photography. I am thinking about purchasing a few items to improve the photos of my current figures and those I acquire in the future.

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My home desktop PC is still out of commission as I have to focus on more important expenses and put off replacing the burnt out processor for yet another frustrating month. Resident Evil 5 is the birthday present I didn’t receive but it’s not too late for “someone” to buy me a red Xbox 360 Elite Resident Evil Limited Edition bundle. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards awards for the video game category were given out with Mario Galaxy and Call of Duty 4 walking away with the big awards. In a hilarious matchup, there is a new game to be released this month titled Stalin vs Martians and I posted the hilarious trailer featuring lots of dancing and catchy music.

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First stop for a quick shot of the view of Jamaica’s captital (Kingston) form the neighbouring parish to the east (St Thomas) on our way to Turtle Bay in Portland

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  1. That picture of Kingston is gorgeous! You’ve also definitely got the classic rules of composition going, which is something I can appreciate.

    I’ll have to check out your other pics when I have time!

  2. This gundam serie is the most effective. I can’t overlook my initial time watching Gundam Wing then know about Japanese mobile gundam. Hope to have more wonderful gundam serie within the future

  3. love robots in basic, esp gundam mobile suit. Gundam is really a piece of arts, why do they appear so detail. Japanese are sure incredible.

  4. Youre so correct. Im there with you. Your blog is definitely really worth a study if anyone comes across it. Im lucky I did since now Ive received a whole new view of this. I didnt realise that this problem was so crucial and so universal. You undoubtedly put it in perspective for me.

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