Double O Gundam – My First Anime Figure

In mid January I made an impulse buy after browsing through  Ebay looking at various anime figures. That purchase was the a Gundam Exia figure. The 00 Gundam version of Exia is a very new figure and was only recently introduced in the now ongoing series 2 of Gundam 00 (pronounced double o).

00 Gundam Figure on my Desk at home beside my miniature Air Jamaica

This is my first ever anime/manga figure and my first surprise was I had to assemble it and it doesn’t help that all the instructions were in Japanese. Luckily there were pictures accompanying the text and I think I managed alright (took me 3 hours!) although I forgot all about adding the stickers that came the eyes and a few more areas, but those will be added at a later date. I mumbled random Gundam building crap on twitter before picking up my package at the post office  which came all the way from Taiwan. After picking it up I mumbled even more on twitter while putting it together and while taking photographs. If you haven’t already done so please follow me on Twitter!

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I sucked at taking pictures of my Gundam figure

There is room for lots of improvement when it comes to me posing and taking pictures of this and future (hopefully) figures. I might have a followup shoot when I have added the stickers and try to get the “flying though the air” effect in a few on my pics. I welcome tips.

Do you have a anime figure collection? Thinking about starting one? I welcome comments and feedback.

My Favourite Shot from the set

There is a new figures and toys section on my blog where I will post more….you guessed about figures and toys. View all my pics of my 00 Gundam Exia Figure in the Figures and Toys section of the Gallery.

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(omg! a Gundam Smiley…i think I need professional help ^_^)

11 thoughts on “Double O Gundam – My First Anime Figure

  1. Congrats on making it. Some of my friends (both here and back home) love making models from the different Gundam series so I know a bit about the hard work that goes into it. I’ve only got a few anime/manga figures, but they’ve all been pre-assembled.

  2. Congratulations on building your first Gunpla! I used to build a lot of Gundam model kits back in the day during the Gundam Wing popularity here in the US. It’s been a very long time since I last built one and I’m looking into building them again…including the battleships, like the White Base from the first Mobile Suit Gundam. <3

  3. Excellent! Nothing with ever be as good as gundam wing, but 00 comes close. Are there any figures of them in trans-am mode?

  4. hey congratulations, join us in the gunpla world! ^^; I’d like to note here that Gundam 00 is not another version of Exia, it’s a new gundam itself that was derived from Exia.. maybe if u watch the first season you’ll see what happens to exia.

    best wishes,

  5. thanks for the comments guys!

    @ Stunner, now that you mention it, the colours are very similar!

    @ TC, I think there are a few trans-am figures from season 1

    @ matsuoamon…I have watched season 1 and know what happened to Exia, I guess with the design similarities and having the same pilot I look at it as the successor to Exia in many ways. Thanks for your welcome, I am already addicted and I have ordered my second figure!

  6. Please, could you say what is the scale of this Exia?

    I want to buy one, but I want to know the scale…


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