Interesting Fall 2009 Anime

Summer is almost over and a new anime season is upon us packed with fresh new shows and quite a few sequels. From my interesting summer 2009 anime list I have been enjoying Needless and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. From the long list of series starting in the next few weeks I have chosen 4 series that have caught my eye from the previews. Looking forward to watching these and reviewing them at a later date.


Armed Librarians – The story evolves around death, religion and a library filled with books protected by librarians wielding powerful psychic powers. Crazy? yes I know but to me a librarian is one of the most docile professions so it will be interesting to see how the ass kicking plays out in this action series.


Fairy Tail – My fantasy anime itch has not been scratched in a while. Guin Saga impressed initially but has grown more mundane with each episode. Fairy Tail however seems to be a highly rated manga and the anime adaptation is on it’s way filled with magic, dragons and adventure. Possible my most highly anticipated series in this upcoming season.

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms – This anime is based off a Chinese historical novel. I think the anime was originally expected to be released in the spring but was rescheduled. The Asian history buff in me is looking forward to watching this series and a video game series called Dynasty Warriors that I used to play is also based off this historical text.


Kimi no Todoke – When I heard that this series is from the same people behind Eden of the East it jumped right on my list. The story takes place in a real life setting and is about a creepy looking girl who is scored by her peers. She has a huge crush on the popular guy in school who is one of the few people who is nice to her. Will there be tragedy or will there be a happy ending? ‘ll just have to watch it and see.

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Which new series coming this fall are you looking forward to?


12 thoughts on “Interesting Fall 2009 Anime

  1. I remember when talks of Romance of the Three Kingdoms came about . it’s a big deal and ‘ll be looking forward to watching that!

    Kimi no todoke is another I’ll have a look at

    BUT FIRST I need to finish up with Pandora hearts and the countless other anime i have on my list! :-p

  2. Love kimi no todoke reading manga and im very happy with anime. Fairy Tale reading the manga enjoy it but from what i seen from the anime preview they seem to have made a huge mistakes with the voice actorors for the characters they do not match at all imo and im disappointed :(

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