Eden of the East – Anime Review

Eden of the East (Higashi no Eden) is the type of anime that I wouldn’t watch under normal circumstances, but after being recommended repeatedly by friends and then impressing me during the first couple episodes I continued to watch this series which is now at an end, well kinda, more onΒ  that further down.

Akira Takizawa is the main character and a really cool dude

Missile Strikes and a Naked Billionaire

10 missiles strike Japan in an apparent terrorist attack resulting in no loss of life but massive property damage. The attack is branded as “Careless Monday”. Saki Morimi is in Washington DC celebrating her recent graduation from college when he clumsiness results in her having a run in with the police. A naked man armed with a cellphone and a pistol appears out of nowhere and causes a disturbance which distracts the cops. Saki assists the stranger who has seemingly lost his memory but soon finds clues to his real name Akira Takizawa. He has no idea how he ended up in America with a over 8 billion yen in digital cash charged to his cellphone engraved with the term “Noblisse Olige” and so he and Saki return to Japan to try to understand the mystery.

They were looking at a “Johnny”…seriously they were

Eden of the East is a psychological thriller with complimentary comedy that doesn’t get boring throughout the series. A decent cast of characters, an engrossing story and good complimentary music makes this good series to watch. The series is all about realism so don’t expect beams of light shooting from the characters hands or impossible maneuvers during action packed fight scenes. I actually recognize many places in Washington DC from the early episodes of the anime and I wouldn’t be surprised if the places that the story take place in Japan are also realistically represented. At the end of it all though I do feel like these 11 anime episodes were just an introduction of sorts to get viewers interested in the story and the world of Eden of the East so the soon to be released movies would do well.

Shot of one of the super cellphones, with a mysterious character obscured in the background

Upcoming Higashi no Eden Movies

The story is expected to be continued in two movies. The first one entitled Eden of The East the Movie I: The King of Eden is to be released at the end of this year and the second one Eden of The East the Movie II: Paradise Lost in early 2010. In closing this was a good but not great series and the movies better be worth the wait.

Nothing goes better with a bikini than black wings and a body

look Ma! a flying 18 wheeler

Eden of the East wouldn’t be complete without a fat geek

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