Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – First Impressions

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is the first anime off my interesting summer 2009 anime watchlist. After enjoying Eden of the East I was interested in picking up another real world type anime with an interesting plot which feeds on my post apocalyptic obsession.

Siblings Mirai and Yuuki are on summer vacation. Yuuki is excited about attending a robot exhibition in Odaiba Tokyo and so their hard working parents instruct his older sister Mirai to accompany him to the expo. Of course the rebellious Mirai isn’t happy about that but has no choice but to look after her playful little brother. At the exhibition Mirai entertains herself with her cellphone and run into a female motorcycle courier named Mari. Like the typical teenager Mirai is angry dissatisfied with her life and angry with the world expressing in her phone journal that she wished the world would just “break”. Just after typing that message Tokyo is hit by a magnitude 8.0 earthquake.

Mirai and Yuuki

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I’ve only seen two episodes so far but I have found this series interesting enough to continue watching. Mirai is annoying as expected but I look forward to see how young Yuuki’s innocent personality is affected by the trauma of the earthquake. Mari is the character I think that will make or break this series for me and I hoping to see a lot of death and destruction as the series goes on.

The dog tag wearing, bike riding Mari

Japan is a major earthquake could happen any time. Experts predict that Tokyo has a 70% chance of being affected by a magnitude 7 or higher earthquake in the next 30 years more than 70% chance of a magnitude 7It’s interesting to note that the robot exhibition Mirai and Yuuki attend is in the same section of Tokyo that the full sized RX-78-2 Gundam is on display for this summer. Anybody seen Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 or any other of the new anime premiering this summer?

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Aftershocks and Fires as expected after a massive earthquake

A catastrophic disaster, every insurer’s (life or property) worst nightmare

More stills from Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 in the anime and manga section of the gallery.


10 thoughts on “Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 – First Impressions

  1. This is one I am putting on my watch list. I’m still not finished with spring anime but … it’s always fun to have different anime to watch! Thanks for the review. While I spend my 8 hours at work tomorrow doing nothing, I’ll be sure to watch this :-p

  2. Wow, this sounds good. Hope I can find it online and download.. I have so many on my watch list. I’ve downloaded all eps of Texhnolyze last year, yet still haven’t watched. It’s next on my list.

  3. Very much looking forward to this one. I’d forgotten it was coming out, and here are two episodes! Yay! Haven’t finished Eden yet, though. :(

  4. watched first three episodes , reminded me of a good game for PS2 called SOS The Final Escape or Disaster Report in the US, I love anything which is based around fighting an enemy we cant defeat, mother nature a dread fascination I suppose, either way the anime series seems pretty good and the extent of the damage seems true to its nature. [japan]

  5. I’ve only watched the first episode so far (haven’t had a chance to watch the rest yet sadly) but I like what I’ve seen so far. Mirai is such an angry girl that it’s incredibly amusing!

    Interesting that you enjoyed Eden of the East, I had high hopes for that one myself. But after a few episodes I just got annoyed and fed up with it. Same with Shangri-la.

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