Needless – First Impressions

Needless is the second anime off my interesting summer 2009 anime watchlist. It was chosen purely because of my post apocalyptic Japan anime addiction as I read in the description that due to some kind of war Tokyo (or at least a part of it) has been destroy(again). Yes I know it gets old after the first couple hundred thousand times for most people, but for me I just can’t help but watch, and that’s what I am doing.

My biggest fear with Needless was that after the first few episodes I would lose interest like I did with Shangi-la but so far the epicness of Needless has been epic that I am epically hooked on it’s epical awesomeness. It barely has a plot and frequently makes no sense but this is anime right so who says it still can’t be enjoyed?

Adam, Eve and the scientist dude

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Needless has been compared to Gurren Lagann a lot. For those who don’t know Gurren Lagann it is another high energy anime with one of the main characters being larger than life itself. This comparison I think is justifiable. Take the high energy, baseless plot and add in a retarded lead, a scantily clad female and a professor/doctor/engineer of sorts and you have the Needless formula (isn’t that the Gurren Lagann formula?). Perfect for lazy brainfree (no not brainless) anime watching. I’ll be watching Needless unless I grow bored of it and it you liked Gurren Lagann you should watch it too.

epic transformation? massive loss? or constipation?

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Simeon’s fashion reminds me of Iori Yagami

This rascal things he is a god

Skynet’s future form in Japan

More stills from Needless images in the anime and manga section of the gallery.


6 thoughts on “Needless – First Impressions

  1. I thought Needless was pretty amusing as well. Not sure yet if it’s going to become an addiction, but definitely one of the more entertaining series that are currently airing. I’m actually dissappointed with a lot of the new shows this summer. [sob]

    It does kind of remind me, in some ways of S-CRY-ED, I can agree with Maxx on that, but at the same time it’s different enough to stand on it’s own.

  2. in my country ((saudia arabia )) they all crazy about naruto

    but i believe thas naruto is a gay and gurren lagan is better than him

    looooooong life kamena sama ^^ [smile]

  3. ive watch needless too and its not better than gurren lagan and thir is big deffrence betwen them blade is awsom^^

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