Shangri-La – First Impressions

Shangri-la was the wild card pick on my list of interesting anime premiering in spring 2009 that I will be watching. After only the first episode I am fan of this anime because of how unique the characters are so far, excellent animation and a good first episode that does well to introduce viewers to the Shangri-la universe.

Shangri-la starts with the main character Kuniko Hojo being released from prison and being met by her foster mother and her friends, interestingly enough her foster mother is a transvestite and as disturbing as it was initially it was the first indication that this anime was going to be a different kind-of experience.

Momoko – Kuniko’s transvestite foster “mother”

Pretty soon all the major characters are introduced including what seems like the villains and a battle scene featuring a killer boomerang and a rampaging transvestite conclude an episode that is enough to spark my interests, barring any unforeseen disappointment, I will be watching the entire Shangri-la season.

Kuniko with her futuristic boomerang like weapon

She’s cute, she has 2 eyes of different colours, but I wonder why she fears sunlight?

No matter what you do don’t scratch her leg

Shangi-la official website

More stills of the first episode of Shangr-la in the anime and manga section of the gallery.