Japan’s Shinkansen – The Bullet Train

The BBC’s website has been a very important resource for me over the years for not only news related to Japan but through some interesting features, photo galleries and more recently videos I have been exposed to many things I couldn’t read in a book and can only get better by experiencing them in person.


The Shinkansen or “Bullet Train” as most people reffer to it as is network of super high speed trains in Japan that link many of the major cities and over the last 45 years has developed to become one of the iconic features of Japan. The entire transport system in Japan is known to be efficient, wordclass and always on time.

Bullet Train photograph by – Catherine Elizabeth

Japan Lessons and Experiences through BBC.com

Some of the interesting things I have blogged about that was brought to my attention by the BBC website include Japanese festival and everyday life pictures, cloak of invisibility, pictures of robots, social escape pods, 2008 G8 summit in Japan, Akihabara gadgets and most recently a touch of Japanese.