Control a Robot with your thoughts

Honda’s research and development arm, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) and Shimadzu Corporation have been making massive breakthroughs in what they call “information extraction technology” with the aim of enabling the control of a robot and other mechanical devices by human thought alone.

Honda’s Asimo robot with a Brain activity measuring
device and a former human

The technology involves measuring every electrical current, movement of blood and related activities in the brain. The BMI then analyzes this information and transmits it to the robot which for this demostration is Honda’s well known Asimo. Video after the jump.

To complete the look add bright flashing lights to the headgear :D

Last year Honda introduced the Robo-legs now the BMI, if this keeps up won’t technology be able to divulge what you are thinking? Seriously, the technology isn’t that far off if thoughts can already be transmitted.

Honda Press Release with more information