Jamaipanese on Youtube

No I am not starting a channel just yet but for months I am been thinking about it. I am not sure what I will make videos of just yet but as soon as I figure out something that’s interesting enough and worth watching that’s Jamaica and/or Japan related I’ll start video blogging. My old youtube account that is almost as old as my blog will be put abandoned as soon as I manually migrate my subscriptions and some of my more interesting favourites over but I wasn’t much of a heavy Youtube user so it shouldn’t be as frustrating as a youtube error I blogged about a looong time ago while creating an account for a friend’s video game arcade.


All this chatting and I haven’t even posted he link to the account yet, not surprisingly my Youtube acount is Jamaipanese, so go ahead and add me as a friend, subscribe if you wish and stay tuned to the results of my Youtube channel brainstorming session, there must be a few interesting things in my boring life or something I can do thats worth video taping and sharing with the world.

To make this a worthy blog post

Here are a few interesting channels I am subscribed to, also feel free to recommend channels you think I’d be interested to by leaving a comment.

  • Japanesepod101 – lots and lots of Japanese learning and tutorial videos, some of the presenters seem robotic but the Japanese lessons are well done.
  • Dear Life Japan – Alafia is in Japan via the JET program. She is a young (and beautiful) back girl from the US who makes honest and interesting videos about her life so far in Japan.
  • Watch the Guild – No updates in a long time but these videos about a World of Warcraft Guild’s members are hilarious and I really hope the series is continued.
  • That Japanese Girl –  She lives in Japan, her English is excellent and her videos offer a peek into the life a a Japanese young lady, it also helps that I find many of her topics interesting.
  • Japansoc – I blogged about Japansoc.com recently and have been pretty active in the community lately, not much happening on their Youtube channel just yet but worth my subscription.
  • DJ Don Francesco – A very good DJ from France who posts Jamaican dancehall music mixes on Youtube. These mixes are sometimes what helps me to get through a workday on my slavery plantation.
  • Google – it’s Google, our current internet overlords, I have to be a good subject and try my best to be aware of what the master is doing.

Socialize Internetically (not a word) with Jamaipanese

A list of my online profiles for your social networking pleasure can be found here but the five I use the most are Twitter, Stumbleupon, Flickr, Digg and now the updated Youtube profile, links these five are available in the sidebar. Once again my new Youtube account in JAMAIPANESE – add me as a friend, subscribe for future updates and recommend interesting channels that fit my interests for me to subscribe to via comments.