Chibi Gundam OO Exia Figure

My Gundam figure addiction continues and this time I opted to take a short detour away from the 1/144 scale figures I have collected so far to a SD or Chibi model. I really disliked Exia in the first season of Gundam OO mainly due to the it’s annoying pilot (Setsuna). In season 2 I grew to appreciate the growth of Setsuna and the cameo appearances of Exia and the domination of it’s successor Gundam Double O which is the main reason that was my first figure.

Exia with GN Beam Sabers

This model is cheaper, very small as expected but much easier to put together and more durable. I don’t have to worry about many pieces falling off or getting lost and a model like this is the perfect starting point if you want to share my addiction and start collecting these or just want one to add to your already existing collection. I think I might get one for my girlfriend’s younger brother later in the year.

As expected these type of models have a very big head

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Gunpla at work?

I wonder if one of these gundam figures will eventually end up on my desk at work? Don’t be surprised if one of these do, that should keep me entertained and inspired while I go about my droid-like duties with the other slaves on my government plantation.

More familiar armament for the Exia

Gundam Exia’s GN Drive closeup

Exia looking epic on the packaging

My Gundam army is growing nicely,
My plans for world domination are on track


16 thoughts on “Chibi Gundam OO Exia Figure

  1. Oh man, SD… Worst. Gundam. Series. EVER. It was like watching the teletubbies piloting mechas. :'( [cry]

    1. no no no this is actually from Gundam OO not SD Gundam, I have no idea why it is described as SD Gundam Exia on the packaging, I think I should remove that from the title and replace it with Chibi

      1. Oh yeah, I know where its from, I was just saying that SD Gundam was a pos ^_^. 00 Wasn’t too horrible, but was no masterpiece either.

      2. SD is a short from words “Super Deformed”. So, you know what does it means, and why it called SD. The real-like scale mecha is being deformed into small, cute mecha. The SD figure is cute too, and yours cool. Try to touch up the Exia with proper paints, it looks cooler.

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