Star Trek Movie – Definite Blockbuster

Star Trek fans rejoice! and breathe a sigh of relief as your childhood memories where not trodden upon like “that” other film that I will try my best to never mention again on this blog again *cough* dRaGoN bAlL *cough*. Take my word for it (or not) the Star Trek movie is worth whatever price it is to see a movie in your area plus a whole lot more so in case you are reading this and haven’t seen the movie yet you are missing out. Definite Blockbuster!


This movie provides back story or many would say an alternate timeline into the early days of the original crew of the first Star Trek series. The story focuses on James T. Kirk and his growth from a troubled young man to the Captain of the USS Enterprise and Spock a half human half Vulcan constantly struggling internally with his dual heritage. They are confronted by a very angry Romulan from the future seeking revenge for the destruction of his home planet.

Meet the crew

This Star Trek movie I predict will be a real hit a mega popular blockbuster because it combines a great story, a well known brand and great actors with excellent CG effects and a (hopefully) easily understood but not bland plot to keeps the viewer on the end of their seat while working their brains just enough to keep the viewer interested. I should write more but as usual I fear spoiling any of the good stuff but I’d really like to hear via comments what you thought about this film after watching!

Meet the ship

Meet the bad guy – Nero

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6 thoughts on “Star Trek Movie – Definite Blockbuster

  1. Haven’t seen it yet but after reading your article I feel I am missing out. I better get to it!

  2. opens next week here i think so i will definitely be there…if i am disappointed i am gonna come and get u

  3. I saw Star Trek X1 and I am a Jamaican and a Trek fan so here goes. It stank. It catered to the today taste for tastless movies. The characters were portrayed badly and the acting was lousy. The death of kirks father can not change the time line to such a degree that Spock, his father and vulcan children on Vulcan act like humans. I mean Sarek confessing love for Amanda to his son!! And Spock giving in to lust and murderous rage for little or no reason. Do these people even understand the concept of Logic? Kirk has blue eyes, Chekov has curly hair and talks up a storm, Sulu suddenly has forgotten to take the brakes off before flying and Scotty… well I’m still trying to figure him out and Spock mumbling his lines like a six year old in a school play. The only recognizable character is McCoy. And no senior officers on the ship after Pike left? And Kirk made captain of a Star ship when he was just a Leutenant under Spock because he overheard something while hiding under a bed?? An Orion female in Star Fleet? Why not a Ferengi?? Actually, why not have the Borg for dinner then? It is a disrespectful slur to my generation who kept this thing going because we love the concept. We wrote books (something most of those actors don’t read) went to conventions and believe in Live Long and Prosper. Not ” Get drunk and lucky” I hated the slur on LL and P when Spock cussed it at the Vulcan elders.

    Let’s hope that Star Trek X11 will actually get it right and clear some of the crap floating in the cosmos along side the debris from yet another exploding something on the screen!!

  4. Ha ha ha ha whoa “Juliet Mc Grath” you remind me of how I feel after watching one of Hollywood’s remake of a Marvel movie I don’t have the “Star Trek” background that you have so I was not insulted by the movie. I was just not pleased of the route it the whole configuration mainly its inconsistency and large use if not a dependancy of humour in some instances I would even deemed it as forced humour (similar to what was used to saved the train wreck know as “Blade Trinity”). As I mentioned in the “Terminator: Salvation” review by “Jamaipanese” when I go to watch an action movie I go their for action the instances and a decent story would be nice but it doesn’t have to be anything spectacular thats why I watch “Thriller or Suspense” movies, of the entertainment that I derived from this movie was from the comedic aspects otherwise from that nothing else really appealed to me like how I expected it would, the action was mediocre the storyline was okay nothing to want to attack the person next to you over or fall asleep but the CG in some areas were commendable so basically I found myself enjoying this movie more for its comedic relive that anything else if anything else.

    P.S. Juliet I think you got it wrong the death that you mentioned was not what triggered a change in the time laps because that ship had already come from the future when it attacked the federation ship and killed that individual.

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