Online TV from Japan in English – JIBtv

Japan International Broadcasting Incorporated or JIBtv is a recently launched 24 hour online television channel based in Japan. Many of the major television stations in Japan such as Fuji-TV, NHK, TV-Asahi were instrumental in the forming JIBtv and even Microsoft played a role in funding and also the online TV website streams using their Silverlight technology.


Programs and Schedule

There is decent variety in the kinds of programs available on JIBtv ranging from international news, documentaries, talk shows and features. Some of the programs that caught my eye are Four Seasons in Japan – a series of documentaries about Japan’s natural beauty, Putins Russia – a series focusing on the former president of Russia and how he has the succeeding administration helped Russia recover form the collapse of the Soviet Union and World Heritage 100 – a series featuring the many World Heritage sites around the world.

Newsline offers hourly news updates – Full Schedule

JIBtv’s Purpose

JIBtv was created to raise the profile of Japan in international society and provide the world with another window into the culture and lifestyle of Japan and it’s people. This online channel is not accessible by persons in Japan and is intended for an international audience. JIBtv joins many other 24 hour online streaming channels mainly based in Europe and Aljazeera from the Middle East (where that Street Food feature on Kingston first aired).

Meet Jib-kun – No project is complete in Japan without a super cute mascot

Super Cute Mascot

One of the first things to strike me when I visited the Jibtv website was it’s mascot “Jib-kun”. According to it’s profile and diary – Jib-kun is a 35 centimeter tall creature from ancient Japan. He lived one hundred years in the forest, the only one of his kind. Jib wanted to see the world and arrived one day in the big city. Cute and precocious, he was welcomed by the jibtv staff and lives in one of our cabinets. He loves Hokkaido raisin butter

It’s still early days to tell whether JIBtv will be a success, so far I like ti and can see myself being distracted by this site every now and again for a peek into Japan and maybe even the Japanese way of thinking. Unfortunately I don’t see any anime airing yet but crossing my fingers that some will air in the near future.  I notice a few programs are restricted for copyright reasons” sometimes but maybe it’s just from my location. Check out the site and a program or two and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Via – @Serkantoto and Asiajin