One Love Jamaica Festival 2009 Pictures

From all the coverage I have searched for and surfed into n the net it seems the One Love Jamaica Festival held yearly since 2007 in the Yoyogi Park in Tokyo Japan was another success. Below are some pictures and then links to even more pictures from the festival this year.


As expected the festival had a strong music element featuring a lot of music and entertainers from Jamaica. Wish I was there to see what the little guy to the left was doing :D. If all goes well I’ll have to plan my Japan visit in 2011 to coincide with this festival so I can experience it first hand.


The One Love Jamaica Festival is one of the more popular of the many cultural festivals held yearly in Yoyogi Park as can be seen by the crowds.


Pictures above courtesy of I Rub Your Brog and Roseatte. More images and coverage from Neil Duckett, Japan Visitor Blog and Swity Writing.