Liar Game – A Competition for Liars

My Japanese drama plunge continues and my latest review is of Liar Game, the first Japanese drama series of the few  have watched so far that I am not so fond of. Liar Game is a a series filled with mystery, suspense, mind games, obvious and no so obvious plot twists, bad acting and a cute acting lead. It starts with a bang, fizzles in the middle then peaks just before the climax but at the end I was left a little dissatisfied but for you it might be different.

Liar Game Plot Synopsis

The series stars Kanzaki Nao and Akiyama Shinichi. Kanzaki is an angel-like college student who comes home one day to find a trunk-load of cash at her door. She then falls for a trick allowing her to be trapped in a unscrupulous game with aim being to find the best Liar in Japan.  She eventually discovers and runs to Akiyama Shinichi a recently released swindler and con artist who was convicted of turning a mega corporation on it’s head after discovering it was partly responsible for the death of his mother. They both team up to play the different stages of the liar game and to decipher which powerful figure is behind such a dreadful challenge.

Kanzaki Nao is as dumb as a door knob but as cute as princess paw

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Why I don’t really like it

Liar Game eventually lost me to repetition and crappy acting by the extra characters. It wasn’t so much fun to watch anymore after the first 5 episodes and the novelty wore off after that. I forced myself through the next couple episodes and was rewarded somewhat at the end. Check out Liar Game if you are into to puzzleriffic suspense thrillers, stay far if you get bored easily. More screens below.

Akiyama Shinichi is a smart and very vengeful dude,
don’t ask why he reminds me of Boris

There were certain points during the series that the only thing I found interesting were the pretty graphics and illustrations on screen.

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I think the 70’s-like fashion was purposeful, I refuse to believe that
regular people in Japan dress this way :D

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5 thoughts on “Liar Game – A Competition for Liars

  1. I loved this drama! I would like to be a part of one of these games too :D I agree somewhat about the bad acting by some of the extras, but it wasn’t enough to stop me.

  2. I actually want to give this a try. I think most dramas I see in Japan just have awful acting in general. Im not sure if it is the lack of emotion, or just being too reserved and stiff or something. I think I am immune to it now though :D

    Any idea what channel and time it comes up at?

  3. I’ve been wanting to watch this one because of Toda Erika though it didn’t look that great ^^, if you like her acting you should watch Ryuusei no Kizuna if you haven’t, pretty good one and nice humor too =)

  4. It’s really terrible. It starts out good but everything about the series is overdone by the 6th episode or so. The games just get ridiculously complicated, as do the ways that everyone betrays each other, the characters are extremely one-dimensional, the editing is terrible and the ways they try and draw out the tension get real old real fast. It’s also really annoying the way that everytime someone betrays someone they laugh maniacally and then go on to explain their plan like a retard.

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