Anime Character carved out of Wood

Having miniature figurines of your favourite anime and manga characters is so yesterday. A masked Japanese chainsaw wielder has been carving life sized versions of popular characters out of solid blocks of wood! check out the video below.

The character carved out above is Mio from K-ON! I reviewed the anime a few months ago and pointed out that I was crazy for Mio-chan. Now if only Mr Jason wasn’t keeping his identity a secret, I need to contact him to get one of these carved for myself before the entire Mio loving fanbase hears of the news.


Via – Nekomagic – videos of many other characters being carved

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4 thoughts on “Anime Character carved out of Wood

  1. [smile] This is extremely cool. I love the fact he wears a mask, thats a smart move. Mr. Jason needs to open up his own gallery, it will definitely attract plenty.

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