K-ON! Anime Review

K-ON! is one of those anime you end up watching after hearing everybody talking about it and seeing it being mentioned everywhere. I initially overlooked it when compiling my spring 2009 anime watchlist but eventually got caught up in the tsunami of hype surrounding this show and decided to get a first hand look at what everyone was talking about.

From left to right Ritsu, Yui, Tsumugi and my beloved Mio

K-ON! is an ongoing Japanese four-panel comic strip manga about four female teenagers who after starting high school come together to join their school’s light music or popular music club in order to save it from being abolished due to the lack of members. The four girls are Yui – an easily distracted bundle of energy who plays lead guitar, Mio – the very cute but shy lefthander who plays bass guitar, Ritsu – the club president with energy levels rivaling Yui’s who plays the Drums and Tsumugi – a dumb but filthy rich blonde that cooks very well and plays the keyboard.

Mio is the definition of the otaku word “moe”

I really enjoyed watching K-ON initially, I enjoyed the early episodes when the girls were coming together and the early comedy, music and style of this anime really had me wanting more. Unfortunately somewhere in the middle of this series it just went downhill, the comedy wasn’t very appealing, the music seemed Marioish and not very enjoyable not to mention the now stale and at times downright annoying comedy. There were far too many pointless episodes and the focus became less on the music club as things went on. I watched on expecting some kind on addition that would inject some new life into this series and renew my interest and when Azusa was introduced things went well for a while before she too was swallowed up.

My reaction to Yui on screen fluctuated from laughing out loud to cringing

K-ON! is an average series that is not worth your time if you are not interested int his type of anime or have better things to watch. I did like the animation, overall production values and the opening and closing themes but I can’t help but say this series underperformed. Hopefully things will get better in a future season, I am already imagining what will happen when the girls discover something called “boys”.

ooh snap! how this this image get into this blog post..” droool, Miiioooo-chaaaannnn”

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