EduFire SuperPass Giveaway

Edufire is a very useful website that allows live learning to take place over the internet at anytime from anywhere. It is the fusion of distance learning, web 2.0 and social networking to provide a platform where users can register and learn about almost anything they desire to.


Japanese is just one of the many things you can learn using the Edufire Platform. Edufire is currently having a great promotion to promote it’s superpass monthly membership that I would like to bring to the attention of my readers. Check out the details of what superpass is below then read on further to see how easy it is for you to win one from

SuperPass Explained

  • SuperPass is $29 a month (or less than $1 a day)
  • $1 one week trial
  • With a membership, you get access to unlimited live online teachers.
  • In class, you can interact with your teachers / classmates. There are PowerPoint presentations, whiteboarding, note-sharing, polling, and more.
  • Hundreds of SuperPass classes, thousands of teachers, tens of thousands of students / peers.
  • SuperPass is like an “all you can eat buffet for your brain”
  • SuperPass is convenient, higher quality (because students rate and review all the teachers, so you can choose the best teachers available in the world), and live.
  • For the shy folk: You don’t necessarily need to have a webcam / microphone, a lot of people just join classes to watch.

Want to win an Edufire SuperPass?

There are no complicated entry requirements. If you would like to win a Superpass all you have to do is leave a comment on this post reminding me how I came up with the name “Jamaipanese” for my blog, what do you want to study on EduFire and where you are from. Entries close at midnight (Eastern Standard Time)  on Wednesday September 23, 2009. A winner will be chosen at random and this post updated after the winner has been contacted via email. Contests don’t come easier than that! Good luck!


Catherine! She is from the UK, likes to dabble in Asian languages and thinks Edufire is a great resource to help her learn. Congratulations Catherine. Visit her blog here.

15 thoughts on “EduFire SuperPass Giveaway

  1. I think I’ve seen three of these posts on three different blogs today^^ I don’t want the SuperPass myself though so I’m not going to say how you came up with the name in the first comment :P Although it should be obvious!

    1. You’re not crazy, Yonasu. There are at least 8 contests going on right now – you can hit the Tofugu post to find links to them all. ;-) This one is probably one of the easier ones to win, though!

  2. hmmm i’m not quite sure how you came up with it but i’ll give it a shot

    you put “mai” (every) in the middle of the word “japanese” making ja-mai-panese showing that you like everything japanese?

    either that or you used “mai” because its used in “maiasa”(every morning) and “maiban”(every evening) to show that you study japanese everyday or something like that

    idk i like the first one better

  3. hey! anata wa Jamaicajin desu soshite anata wa nihongo to nihon ga totemo suki desu kara ne? its a hybrid of Jamaican and Japanese! ya mon! :)

    as for edyfire, i want to study japanese, a bit of french, i speak Irish so i’d like to maybe even teach it on edufire someday.

    i live in Massachusetts, holyoke, to be precise. i’m from he Adirondacks in new York state originally.

  4. Jamaica + Japanese = Jamaipanese (I love how you mixed to passions together)

    I want to study Japanese, specifically I’m getting ready for the JLPT 4 :D

    I’m an auzzie mate! throw another shrimp on the barbie and start playing the didgeridoo!

  5. Hi,

    Jamaipanese = ja(panese) (a)mai (ja)panese (japanese sweet japanese)

    I want to study japanese to go to jlpt 2 and start spanish.

    I am from Malaysia.

  6. The name- ” “Jamaipanese” is a candid combination of JAMAIcan and JaPANESE hence I call myself and my blog Jamai + Panese or Jamaipanese. ”

    I want to study mainly Japanese but a little Thai too :D I like Asian languages like Japanese, Thai and Korean although Japanese is the only one I truly want to learn to speak. the others I just like to learn about. if that makes sense? Languages are fun just to dabble in and edufire is a great resource with so many different classes.

    Lastly, I live in the UK ^^

  7. – The name is a combination of Jamaican+Japanese= Jamaipanese
    – I want to study the JLPT 3 and also just want to know the language
    – I am from Bogota, Colombia but I live in the United States

  8. “Jamaipanese” is a candid combination of JAMAIcan and JaPANESE hence I call myself and my blog Jamai + Panese or Jamaipanese.

    But I like what YY said.

    And to continue in your style, I shall call myself Swepanese. I want to learn to speak Japanese because its sad that I don’t, even though I am half Japanese.

  9. 1. You are from Jamaica, yet interested in Japan = Jamaipanese
    2. I mainly want to study Japanese, but as far as I know my self I’ll probably sign-up to all classes available and become a true eduFire junkie in no time ;)
    3. I’m Russian (Moscow) but I live in Czech Republic (Prague) and I’m planning to go study to Japan (Tokyo)

  10. – The name is a combination of Jamaican+Japanese= Jamaipanese
    – I want to study for the JLPT 3 and one day return to Japan and hopefully live there.
    -BC, Canada

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