Seravee Gundam Figure

It may be piloted by a weird looking chap named Tieria Erde but in season 2 of Gundam OO Seravee Gundam the upgraded Gundam Virtue from the first season remained my favorite mobile suit in the Gundam OO universe. So it’s no surprise that I now have the 1/144 scale high grade model in my possession.

Seravee Gundam armed with its double Bazookas in split mode

Seravee Gundam was a lot of fun to build. It is bulkier that the other models I have so far because of it’s armor and emphasis on firepower. Lots of defense, nightmarish offense but not very maneuverable. I love the overall design and color scheme of Seravee which has white as the main color but with lots of black, dark blue, dark green and a touch of red and yellow. I also love the head design with the armored head and horns giving it a menacing look.

Check out the horns and shoulder mounted GN Canons

General Information and Specs

Unit type: heavy assault mobile suit
Overall height: 18.2 meters
Overall weight: 67.2 metric tons
Equipment: GN Drive, GN field barrier, Trans-Am system
Armament: GN bazooka II x 1, GN cannon x 4, GN beam saber x 6
Pilot: Tieria Erde

Double bazookas come together to form the GN Bazooka II

Six Gundam figures later and I don’t see how I will ever put a stop to this addiction. Gundam number 7 has already arrived and I hear it talking to me from inside the box begging me to put it together. No hints on which figure it is I’ll just say it’s not a chibi or 1/144 scale model. Look out for that post in another 2 weeks but until then check out some more pictures of Seravee Gundam below and vote in the poll.

Don’t worry the GN Bazooka won’t go off – he has the safety on :P

Seraphim Gundam is a hitchhiker

Enough firepower to destroy a small planet is pointed in your direction

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