Seravee Gundam Figure

It may be piloted by a weird looking chap named Tieria Erde but in season 2 of Gundam OO Seravee Gundam the upgraded Gundam Virtue from the first season remained my favorite mobile suit in the Gundam OO universe. So it’s no surprise that I now have the 1/144 scale high grade model in my possession.

Seravee Gundam armed with its double Bazookas in split mode

Seravee Gundam was a lot of fun to build. It is bulkier that the other models I have so far because of it’s armor and emphasis on firepower. Lots of defense, nightmarish offense but not very maneuverable. I love the overall design and color scheme of Seravee which has white as the main color but with lots of black, dark blue, dark green and a touch of red and yellow. I also love the head design with the armored head and horns giving it a menacing look.

Check out the horns and shoulder mounted GN Canons

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General Information and Specs

Unit type: heavy assault mobile suit
Overall height: 18.2 meters
Overall weight: 67.2 metric tons
Equipment: GN Drive, GN field barrier, Trans-Am system
Armament: GN bazooka II x 1, GN cannon x 4, GN beam saber x 6
Pilot: Tieria Erde

Double bazookas come together to form the GN Bazooka II

Six Gundam figures later and I don’t see how I will ever put a stop to this addiction. Gundam number 7 has already arrived and I hear it talking to me from inside the box begging me to put it together. No hints on which figure it is I’ll just say it’s not a chibi or 1/144 scale model. Look out for that post in another 2 weeks but until then check out some more pictures of Seravee Gundam below and vote in the poll.

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Don’t worry the GN Bazooka won’t go off – he has the safety on :P

Seraphim Gundam is a hitchhiker

Enough firepower to destroy a small planet is pointed in your direction

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Specs via Γ’β‚¬β€œ Mecha Anime HQ


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  1. Being a huge Gundam fan I was rather annoyed by “Gundam 00” in all other cases of Gundam Mobile Suites were outstanding pieces of hardware piloted by equally talented pilots but “Gundam 00” took in my opinion an annoying turn it was based on extraordinary pieces of technology being piloted by damaged or traumatized ordinary pilots I dare even go as far as to label them as under talented pilots. When someone can out perform you or even push you in a customized or slightly modified mobile suite you have no right to be called a Gundam pilot. So I didn’t even watch the series long enough to find any suites that I liked seeing how rather annoying the pilots were.

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