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Since converting to WordPress I have been slowly tweaking, updating and optimizing my blog to make it more useful to readers. Below are some of the changes and additions I have made to my blog since the last such update when I tweaked the logo, changed up the archives page and added a Google Friend Connect Widget.

Featured posts on Homepage

I regularly browse through my own blog archives when bored to take a look at the things I blogged about in the past and it’s very nostalgic reading my own writing from say 2 years ago. While reading and updating some links that became broken after the WordPress conversion I thought I needed a way for new readers or random surfers to be able to see some of these blog posts from the past. My solution is a featured post bar only accessible from the homepage that links to some of these handpicked posts which I will update every 2 weeks. Check below too see how it looks.


Example of what the featured posts bar looks like at the time of this post

Photoblog and Gaming Blog posts in Sidebar

I have cut the umbilical cord off my video game and photography blog and allowed them to flutter off into the wilds of the interwebs but just in case readers of this blog have a photography or video game interest posts from my other two blogs are viewable in the sidebar including links to the homepage and RSS feeds if you like what you see and wish to subscribe. Check below too see how it looks.

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The posts from my photo blog and video game blog will be here

100 Contacts in Google Friend Connect widget

It’s been 4 months since I tossed the Entrecard widget in my sidebar and replaced it with Google Friend Connect. With the help of my pals from Japansoc I managed to get to 50 members in a short amount of time and now the tally is at 100. Even the great Otaku and Japan blogger Danny Choo was lured in and joined up. If you are reading this and haven’t joined the widget yet it is very easy to do so. Check below too see how it looks and join up!


I am very proud of my 100 contacts in my Google Friend Connect widget, have you joined?

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Other updates include

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Thank you for reading and a special thank you to the regular readers I have picked up over the years who continue to revisit and comment on my posts. I have something special planned for regular readers. As always feel free to contact me with any feedback and suggestions.


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  1. You mean you tossed your entrecard widget? How could you? LOL I shouldn’t talk, I tossed mine awhile ago, but it was pretty useful for awhile. Google friend connect sounds nice, but I don’t need anything else cluttering up my blog.

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