From My Other Blogs – Final Edition

For the Last year I have been making monthly posts containing a recap of interesting posts from my photography blog and my video game blog. Over the last couple weeks I have changed the themes over at and to the one used here. I also incorporated the feeds from my other two blogs in the sidebar here on and even created a logo for my photography blog as I take my interest in photography up a notch from a  complete newbie to a serious amateur who right now is only limited by the size of his wallet. The time has come to have those blogs stand on their own and I will be putting a lot of time into developing an interest and following in those blogs as well. Readers here who also own a blog who would like to exchange links are welcomed to do so by contacting me.

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Time for my other blogs to dive into the web on their own

E3 2009 has been the buzz in the gaming world for the last few weeks. I blogged about the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo press conferences. The new PSP Go was (intentionally?) leaked and I also continue to drool over upcoming games like Star Wars The Old Republic and Uncharted 2 Among Thieves.

Interesting posts from last month include a cool photo lighting activity I participated in and a listing some of the photography related plans and goals I need to achieve some of which I have already completed.

Thank you for you continued support here on and look out for occasional updates on important happenings on my other blogs from time to time. Feel free to subscribe to my other blogs and leave comments as well!

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