Ryo the Skywalker – Japareggae Artist

Over the years since starting this blog I have had to the opportunity to meet many persons who share my interest in Japan both locally and online. I have also met many Japanese persons who who share a similar interest in Jamaica that I do in their country Japan. Ryo the Skywalker is one such Japanese national who I met online through Twitter.

Japareggae Artist and Sound System DJ – Ryo the Skywalker

My original reason for following him on Twitter was to practice translating Japanese tweets online in my free time. Eventually I started enjoying his tweets about the music he was listening to, quotes from Jamaica translated into Japanese, pictures of him and his friends in studio and around Japan and even some inspiring tweets. I clicked through about a week ago to realize that he wasn’t some random Japanese citizen who liked Jamaican culture but a reggae music DJ and recording artist who has been to Jamaica many times. Check out his latest music video after the jump.

Overnight Action – by Ryo The Skywalker – very catchy and dance friendly

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I then checked out his Myspace page to listen to some more samples of his music and although I couldn’t understand the lyrics I found tracks like “Ja-Ja Link” and “Ready Now” to be very Jamaica-like and of the highest quality. He is in Jamaica now but probably busy working hard with music and enjoying his time here. Maybe one day I can meet him in person to learn more first-hand about the popularity of Jamaican culture and music in Japan.

Check out Ryo the Skywalkers’s Myspace page
Ryo the Skywalker on Twitter
Ryo’s pics of Jamaica including Kingston, Hellshire Beach and an Ital Restaurant

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14 thoughts on “Ryo the Skywalker – Japareggae Artist

  1. i’m a Japanese! came from Ryo the Skywalker’s web site.

    i like the word “JAMAIPANESE” so much ^^

    i’d like to follow you on twitter. Bless you!!
    [japan] [music] [jamaica]

  2. Hey, did you tell him about this post? He would love it. You should tell him while he’s here.

  3. You can meet him in person! For the first time ever, Ryo the Skywalker will be coming to LA to perform as a special guest for the Joint Jam Music Festival!

    Where: Club 740 – Downtown LA
    When: 9 PM
    $25 cover charge

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