Japansoc.com – Japan Social Community

Japansoc.com is a digg style Japan themed social bookmarking site I have been a member of for over a year now. Japansoc is short for “Japan Society” but is pronounced as “Japan-Sock” and is the brainchild of longtime Japan resident and British expat Nick Ramsay who envisioned a social bookmarking site, devoted to blogs and news about Japan.

japansoc-homepagescreen shot of Japansoc.com’s recently redesigned homepage

Why I like it

Japansoc is more that just a site, it’s a community, a family of Japan enthusiasts all over the world with their Japan interest acting as the thread that hold everything together. Users are invited to submit Japan related news stories, blog posts and information they find on the internet and the result is a massive reservoir of Japan related information covering everything from news, to fashion, to technology, to learning Japanese to culture related topics and everything in between.


Why You’ll Like it

A lot of time and effort has been put Japansoc to make it a feature rich, interactive website. Whenever a story from my site is submitted to Japansoc I can expect quality traffic from surfers who share my interest who spend a lot of time on my site with most of them returning or subscribing for future updates. I have been busy recommending Japansoc to friends and a couple blogging pals and Sanja-chan loved it so much she wrote a review for her blog. Anyone who has an interest in Japan no matter if you just want the occasional overview of whats happening in and related to the land of the rising sun should bookmark and visit Japansoc, there isn’t a better website focused on Japan related content around.

Register for Japansoc.com today! Also check out the Japansoc community blog, the informative FAQ and follow Japansoc on twitter.