Akihabara@DEEP – the Otaku J-Dorama

Akihabara@DEEP is a very interesting drama and the third series I have seen through to the end. The series combines action and comedy well while offering a no frills  street level view of Akihabara. Akihabara@DEEP isn’t a series for anyone but for persons like me who are interested in the topics in covers it will be very enjoyable.

The Akihabara@DEEP 6 member group

Akihabara@DEEP Plot Synopsis

Akihabara Electric Town is a section of Tokyo which is a major shopping area for new and used electronics, anime, manga, video games, figurines and other otaku related items. “Yui’s Lifeguard” is a website offering advice and counseling for troubled teens and young adults which turns out to be very popular among otaku in Akihabara. Yui is instrumental in putting together a unique team each with their own unique ability and inspiring them to make the most of themselves. The troubled  6 member team of mostly otaku are Page, Taiko, Box, Akira, Daruma, and Izumu. Together they form Akihabara@DEEP a company set up to “troubleshoot” problems in Akihabara as well as to protect and serve it’s inhabitants. Their major adversary is Takeshi Nakagomi who although also an otaku is twisted by selfishness and greed.

The face of evil in Akihabara@DEEP

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Why I Like it

A decent size cast, a great villain, interesting enough story and a little insight into Akihabara are the main reasons I like Akihabara@DEEP. There are some parts of the series that are more interesting than others but the mostly good comedy ties things together well and looking back now while writing this I realize there was a of content squeezed into this series and it didn’t seem rushed. I am aware that Akihabara@DEEP was first a novel, then a manga series before becoming a J-Dorama but for someone who can only watch the drama I like it very much and recommend it Japanese drama fans looking for something different and funny.

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Daruma although annoying at times added (mostly) good humour

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