Jamaipanese in Katakana and Minor Design Tweaks

I am still learning Japanese (slowly) but I am aware that Katakana is used to write foreign words, countries, personal names, scientific names and words used to describe sounds. I have explained before but for those who aren’t aware the name Jamaipanese is formed a candid combination of Jamaican and Japanese, my blog is Jamaipanese.com and I am the only Jamaipanese citizen on the planet.

jamaipanese-logo-blackCheck out My about page which now has the Jamaipanese logo in
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How do I write Jamaipanese in Katakana?

I started this blog before I even knew what katakana was and after learning that it is used to write foreign words and personal names I proceeded to look up the characters for Ja, Ma, I, Pa, Ne and Se and joined them together to for what I thought would be “Jamaipanese” in Japanese. Over the years many persons have left comments and messaged me here or on other sites stating that I wasn’t translating it correctly but the funny thing was out of the half dozen or so messages, conversions and explanations everyone was telling me to spell Jamaipanese a different way. So armed with information and feedback from a few native speakers and comments here I now know that there is no set way to spell a word like Jamaipanese that I just made up and I should just spell it out in Katakana the way I want it pronounced…and the way I want it pronounced is ジャマイパニーズ which translates to Jamaipaniizu when pronounced with a Japanese accent.

Slightly updated logo and minor blog updates

A task of just updating my blog header with the new spelling of Jamaipanese exploded into a tweaking session for my blog and at the end of it I have an updated logo (if you can call it that), a super cool archives page, more uniformed colour scheme, a new background colour and border and slighting editted text sizes and types. I broke my blog a couple times making these changes as a few friends on twitter realised but I’m glad I updated to WordPress even more now because fixing my fiddling was a breeze. [ note to self, my gallery also needs an overall ].

Do you like the tweaks? Hopefully they are noticeable.