Which Video Games are you Playing?

It’s been a couple weeks now since my dead PC has been revived. The customization process continues and I still haven’t installed all the software I need. There is one type of software I have had no problems with and those are video games! The original reason for building my own PC was to get back into gaming and with so many games missed in the last 2 years or so and so many games coming out it’s impossible to catch up so I just decided to pick a few to check out.

Enjoying Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins is a game that I have been having geekgasms while watching trailers and gameplay videos over for over a year and was the first game I installed on my revived PC. I have tossed a few dozen hours over the holidays and so far in January into Dragon Age as I play through as a righteous Dalish Elf Rogue. Been having so much fun and now towards the end of the end of the game and thinking about replaying it as a badass Human Noble Mage who is married to fire lightening and ice.

Other Games I spend less time playing

  • Red Alert 3
  • Kings Bounty
  • FIFA 2010 at a game arcade on weekends with friends on the Xbox 360

A Playstation 3 might be in my future

The Ps3 has lost some weight and the price point has gotten sexier recently and the plan was to get one in January. Still need to clear up some credit card bills and the other half of my school fee and maybe I can grab one for my birthday in March, Final Fantasy XIII and Bioshock 2 might be all I need. So that leads to my original question which video games are you or have you been playing lately?