Japanese Calendar Exhibition and Charity Sale

Yesterday I received a call and was told about a Japanese Exhibition and Charity Sale atΒ  the last minute by a friend from the Japanese Embassy. I was intrigued by the chance of meeting many Japanese nationals residing in Jamaica as well as I am sure there would be many Japan enthusiasts like myself from Jamaica. The event was at the Sovereign Shopping Centre and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to attend.

Madokasan invited me to this event

There was a decent buzz around the exhibition area and persons were busy snapping up great looking Japanese calendars for a small fee with the proceeds going to charity. The big attraction though was the opportunity to enjoy a very rare Japan themed event in Jamaica, learn about Japanese culture, meet past JET programs participants from Jamaica and see yukata and Jinbei being worn as well as see ikebana examples and the Japanese yo-yo. I picked up a calendar for myself and got my full name written in Japanese calligraphy style :D.

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Tomoko sensei was also present

Hopefully this will be a yearly event that I can look forward to each January. I also will be making a renewed effort to cover any Japan events in Jamaica no matter where they are. Higher quality versions of some of the better picture in the set will be uploaded to my flickr page over the next couple days.

One of the biggest attractions was the opportunity to get your name written in Japanese

Origami was popular with the kids

There were lots and lots of Yukata wearers

Some way, some how, I have got to get myself a Jinbei

There are lots more pictures (70+) in the Japanese Exhibition and Calendars section of the Jamaipanese.com Gallery.

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5 thoughts on “Japanese Calendar Exhibition and Charity Sale

  1. Jesus, I would love to have gone to this. I’d love to have my name written in Japanese. My lil’ sis would love the origami.

  2. @ Estaban, NP fixed ur typo :D

    @ Lina, I tried but my Japanese is still very basic and poor -_-

    @ Billy…sure was!

    @ Leon…let me know if I should drop you a line for any future events

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