Windows 7 Beta Testing Anyone?

Microsoft seems to now understand the mistakes it made with Windows Vista and is now attempting to right most of it’s Vista wrongs. Windows 7 is been under development for a while now and I have been following it’s progress and I must admit I have been impressed. It’s unfortunate though that I m unable to take the now publicly released beta for a spin.


I am still without a desktop computer at home but I only need a monitor and a few more parts to finally put my new desktop together. I didn’t entertain the thought of running it off my sister’s laptop and I can’t bother going through the trouble of putting together a PC from pieces of computers in my office most of which are from the previous century.

I have already notice a dozen Windows 7 users visiting this site over the past 3 days at the time of this post and that inspired me to write this post. Are you currently testing the Windows 7 beta or thinking about it?

Windows 7 Beta Customer Preview Program
Windows 7 Beta Installation Instructions