Windows 7 Beta Testing Anyone?

Microsoft seems to now understand the mistakes it made with Windows Vista and is now attempting to right most of it’s Vista wrongs. Windows 7 is been under development for a while now and I have been following it’s progress and I must admit I have been impressed. It’s unfortunate though that I m unable to take the now publicly released beta for a spin.


I am still without a desktop computer at home but I only need a monitor and a few more parts to finally put my new desktop together. I didn’t entertain the thought of running it off my sister’s laptop and I can’t bother going through the trouble of putting together a PC from pieces of computers in my office most of which are from the previous century.

I have already notice a dozen Windows 7 users visiting this site over the past 3 days at the time of this post and that inspired me to write this post. Are you currently testing the Windows 7 beta or thinking about it?

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Windows 7 Beta Customer Preview Program
Windows 7 Beta Installation Instructions


12 thoughts on “Windows 7 Beta Testing Anyone?

  1. I managed to get a windows key from the Microsoft site, but had problems downloading the iso originally. I ended up grabbing it from ( though it can be obtained on BT as well.

    I’m hoping to install it on my macbook using bootcamp, as soon as I get access to a dvd burner. (damn stupid combo drive!)

    You say you’re without a desktop computer? Are you without a laptop as well?

  2. I’m thinking about testing it, I’m not going to use it though since I’m a Mac after all. I don’t think I’ll replace XP on my virtual machine either since I don’t really want to pay for a Windows 7 license. Well, it’s worth testing anyways.

  3. I’m considering it. I have an older desktop that’s in dire need of a format. It’s a few years old and only has a gig of ram, so if Windows 7 runs will on it I will be impressed.

  4. I’d like to give it a go, in Boot Camp or maybe in a VM. I have a key from the Microsoft Beta site, but the downloads don’t work so I’m thinking about getting it using BitTorrent.

    MS should’ve done the same, seeing the embarrasing situation now.

  5. Trying out the next Windows OS is exciting, but I don’t have enough disk space on my Desktop, and I don’t want install it laptop in case something goes wrong. Maybe next time.

  6. @ Japan Information…fortunately I can use my younger sister’s laptop while at home but at work I have many desktops to choose from

    @ Yanasu, you should give it a try

    @ Leon, the computer specs needed for the trial is very low so it might still be able to run it

    @ Velda…is it running?

    @ Attilam…i tried downloading it just for downloading it sake and I couldn’t

    @ Sanjo-cham…unfortunate but you only get to test out a OS only so few times :D

  7. I have a desktop PC with 1GB RAM, 1.60 GHz processor, 80GB harddrive. I am currently testing Windows 7 and so far I am overly impressed. My major issue was networking with Vista and apparently an attempt was made to simplify networking similar to XP. Pretty much, by pinning stuffs to the taskbar, I have managed to keep my desktop clean. The new notification area doesnt impress me one bit, cause there is nothing there for impression purposes. I like the jump list. Ok, the biggest part, I have installed all my softwares and stuff and boot up time seems to not be affected. The memory issue so far seems to have me concluding that it may not be a memory drag. However, Windows 7 seem to not support several programmes. Stardock objectdock is not compatible nor is AVG suite (latest version). Microsoft Office 2007, installed but took a rather extended period. Windows One Live Care took a while to be installed though, but I would say there is some improvement on Vista.

  8. I just got a new notebook with Vista and now they are testing Windows 7 for release! Damn you Windows! I hope Windows 7 is better and I can upgrade my notebook. Doubt I’ll be testing it though.

  9. Basically, from my experience with this beta so far, and the pre-beta, if your computer will run XP, it should be able to run Windows 7. I’ve installed it on both my laptop and my desktop and it runs beautifully on both. Software issues will always be present in a beta, due to changes in API calls and whatnot. If the software is big enough, it will be resolved quickly enough, the change from Windows Vista to Windows 7 is not a big one. I’m still disappointed that you need to restart to turn of UAC still, but meh, with the almost halved booting time from Vista to 7… I think I’ll survive. Basically though, the Windows Betas are great ways to experience new software without needing to worry about costs. They’re a great way to become familiar with it before it even comes out so that if you do upgrade at all to a new computer after it comes out, you won’t need to re-learn everything again. I can say from experience as a beta tester for both Vista and now 7 though that 7 is MUCH tighter in it’s development phase than Vista. Vista was barely usable in it’s beta stage, whereas with 7, I believe that it could be released right now and fixed up with some patches. Drivers will come after the RTM is out because developers don’t want to have to fight the users every time a new beta build comes out and code needs to be changed.

  10. YA.. testing Seven now on my laptop.. so far its better than Vista. A few glitches here and there but i guess those should be cleaned up in the full release.

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