Learning Japanese Online with iKnow

A few weeks ago I was introduced to iKnow to by Jonas from yonasu.com. After kicking myself for not knowing about this service since it was launched I dived into exploring the service and I have loved it since. iKnow is a free website that  not only helps with learning Japanese but also Chinese and English as well.


I have tried tonnes of Japanese learning resources online over the years and iKnow does the best job of keeping me motivated and teaching me while making it fun. The social elements of the site are also interesting as users have the ability to keep a language journal, meet and track the progress of friends, make word lists, check records and the progress of your studies and much more.

jamaipanese-iknowMy Progress on iKnow at the time of this post

I have only scratched the surface of the features and leasons related to Japanese on iKnow and I hope other persons interested in learning Japanese would register and add me as a friend and lets learn together. I will post a better review of iKnow in the future once I have learned more and experienced using more of it’s features as I know I will be definately be using this a lot.