Japanese Author writes about Gender and Sexuality in Jamaica

A Japanese author named Sachiyo Morimoto has teamed up with Jamaican scholars, entertainers and regular citizens to write a book about gender and sexuality in Jamaica.

Among the chapters in the book – which is in English and Japanese – are ”Chi Chi Man Fi Get Sladi’: Exploring Homophobia as Alternative Discourses of Masculinity in Dancehall Culture’ (Hope); ‘Rastafari, Politics and Gender Relations in Jamaica: A Womanist Critique’ (Tafari-Ama); ‘Bogle a De Order Fi Di Day’: Dance and Identity in Jamaican Dancehall (Stanley-Niaah); ”Sweet and Sour Sauce” Sexual Politics in Jamaican Dancehall Culture’ (Cooper) and ‘EnGENDERING Dialogue: Random Thoughts on Gender and Culture’ (Ellis)…read more Jamaica Gleaner

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LT1, Gender and Sexuality in Jamaica was published at the end of November 2008.

Morimoto has been promoting the music in Japan since she was 18-years-old, as part of a favour to her younger sister who owns a production company that helps to make the music available to Japanese fans. So she was immersed deep into what was available to the Japanese – and that usually came in the form of the dancehall, which can be rude, crude and unforgiving…read more Jamaica Observer

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