I am a Sushi Virgin

Yes I know what you are thinking after reading that heading, how can you be a japan enthusiast and you never had sushi? It’s a combination of many things really. Firstly, I live in Jamaica which isn’t not exactly known as a sushi mecca outside Japan and while there are some Japanese restaurants here the food is either not to my liking or very expensive. Secondly I’m not a seafood fan that at one point didn’t eat anything from the sea for years and after realizing sushi was mostly raw fish I became mentally blocked against it – Japan enthusiast or not.

Lately though I’ve been wanting to that that sushi eating thing at local Japanese restaurant that comes highly recommended the trouble is the cost of a decent meal there for a group could feed me for a month! Who knows with my birthday coming up in March I might plan something for a group of friends who aren’t picky eaters like me and together we can do that Japanese cuisine thing with sushi being the star. I might have to convince Sachi-san to come along in case my stomach experiences culture shock.

What exactly is Sushi?

Sushi is vinegar rice, topped with other ingredients, such as fish. Sliced raw fish alone is called sashimi, as distinct from sushi. Sushi served rolled inside or around dried and pressed layer sheets of seaweed (or nori) is makizushi. Toppings stuffed into a small pouch of fried tofu is inarizushi. Toppings served scattered over a bowl of sushi rice is called chirashi-zushi. Image and Sushi description sourced from Wikipedia.

If I do manage to to visit that Japanese restaurant this March it’s not surprising that I’ll be blogging about it. Remember to follow my rambings on Twitter to be aware of what I am up to and in case I’m the first one to see an alien fish invasion and manage to send out a warning that ends up saving your life.