I am a Sushi Virgin

Yes I know what you are thinking after reading that heading, how can you be a japan enthusiast and you never had sushi? It’s a combination of many things really. Firstly, I live in Jamaica which isn’t not exactly known as a sushi mecca outside Japan and while there are some Japanese restaurants here the food is either not to my liking or very expensive. Secondly I’m not a seafood fan that at one point didn’t eat anything from the sea for years and after realizing sushi was mostly raw fish I became mentally blocked against it – Japan enthusiast or not.

Lately though I’ve been wanting to that that sushi eating thing at local Japanese restaurant that comes highly recommended the trouble is the cost of a decent meal there for a group could feed me for a month! Who knows with my birthday coming up in March I might plan something for a group of friends who aren’t picky eaters like me and together we can do that Japanese cuisine thing with sushi being the star. I might have to convince Sachi-san to come along in case my stomach experiences culture shock.

What exactly is Sushi?

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Sushi is vinegar rice, topped with other ingredients, such as fish. Sliced raw fish alone is called sashimi, as distinct from sushi. Sushi served rolled inside or around dried and pressed layer sheets of seaweed (or nori) is makizushi. Toppings stuffed into a small pouch of fried tofu is inarizushi. Toppings served scattered over a bowl of sushi rice is called chirashi-zushi. Image and Sushi description sourced from Wikipedia.

If I do manage to to visit that Japanese restaurant this March it’s not surprising that I’ll be blogging about it. Remember to follow my rambings on Twitter to be aware of what I am up to and in case I’m the first one to see an alien fish invasion and manage to send out a warning that ends up saving your life.

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26 thoughts on “I am a Sushi Virgin

  1. Bizarre but understandable. I hadn’t had sushi until 2004. The idea of eating something raw didn’t appeal to me at all. A friend I served in the Army with finally brought me around. She is from California where I guess sushi is plentiful and common. She demanded I go eat sushi with her and after quite a bit if nagging I gave in. I did start off with a Sapporo though to ease past the initial fear of raw fish. I’m glad I tried it too. That meal was like the opening of a floodgate. Ever since then I’ve been more and more adventurous with eating foreign foods.

  2. I get u indeed. Am not too much into the raw fish thing either, but here are a few suggestions to ‘break u in’:
    1. start with the maki roll and take it with a veg inside…like cucumber or something. The wrap helps hold it together for easy eating and the rice and easy veg will accustomise u to the idea
    2. don’t bite it jus pop it in whole
    3. skip the wasabi on the first go (the green stuff is not crushed avo)
    4. wen u are ok with that mild go….try one with salmon, and then crab and then so on and so on

    Wen u big and ready now…head for the Hilton (walking distance from ur office) go to Restaurant Japan (above reception) and order to go one serving of Volcano Rolls – I guarantee you it will have you sold on sushi for life (well almost) – and if you don’t like it, here’s my guarantee – I will personally refund you the cost of your Volcano Rolls and pay the cost of something you wudve had instead like a BK chicken sandwich or something safe like that…lol!

    SO go ahead pop that cherry

  3. Ok, you never had sushi and you love Japan? Ok, I’m officially unfollowing you [evil]

    Hahaha… No, I won’t [angel]

    I had my first Sushi in Singapore 2005. I like it, but I don’t crave it like some other stuff. I can’t eat sushi two days in a row, it’s just too much. So you didn’t miss thaaaat much [jamaica]

      1. Usually the larger fish like adult Tuna and Swordfish etc although I wouldn’t worry about it you’d have to be eating it all the time for it to cause damage, as you know fish is very healthy for us.

  4. I’m vegan but can eat sushi because there’s vegetarian options. If you finally do decide to go to Japan, then you’ll need to have the sushi experience in one of the after work eateries.

    I forget the name for them but it’s the equivalent of eating “tapas.” Small samplings of food. Err, there’s LOTS of smoking though and beer flows as freely as water. If you’re into that, then it may even take your mind off of eating raw fish!

    1. I think I read about or seen pictures of what you are referring to, not much of a beer drinking and smoke but might be a one time adventure if I make it to Japan.

  5. Love sushi have it when ever I get the chance, dipping into some Wasabi and Soy souce you’d never notice that it was raw ^^

  6. I’ve lived in the US/UK where sushi abounds but I am not at all an expert on sushi yet. I can’t go to sushi restaurants for the same reason – expensive! – but some grocery stores carry it in packs. As long as you can see an actual Japanese sushi chef behind the counter preparing it, you’re safe :)

    The mercury thing is very real, but only if you eat nothing but fish like Jeremy Piven!

    As someone who still cannot understand the Japanese fascination with raw egg, I understand your hesitancy. But I love it now – particularly nori and fatty tuna mmmm.

  7. I recommend the slightly grilled salmon sushi for those who aren’t too into seafood (as long as you like salmon). Tuna is a good one for those who aren’t keen on seafood as well.

    Just don’t be afraid. It won’t kill you – except for the fugu.

  8. Where I’m from sushi is everywhere lol, they range in prices too. I know people who don’t like seafood type sushi so they eat inari sushi for the fried tofu and vinegar rice and tamago (egg) sushi. Crab sushi is on the cheaper side if you eat the fake crab meat but still tastes good and not exactly “raw.” Don’t know if you like natto but that’s sushi that’s usually on the cheaper side and fermented beans are at least vegetables lol. Corn sushi is popular. There’s all types of vegetable sushi. I personally like cucumber :P. Something cooked would be octopus sushi and clam sushi I believe. You can get creative and make your own sushi rice and be creative with the topping like different meats or even fruits for a “dessert” sushi lol.

  9. I was like you, but I gave Sushi a try.. and it was delicious! However, I will admit that the sushi I tried had carrots in it, but it was still fun. ^^

    I have also made my own Sushi and it tasted better, especially when you put your own filling and rice in it. I tried lunch ham and crab meat to work my way up to the “real” Sushi.

  10. I don’t like sushi, although I wish I did because it is a reasonably priced and healthy snack. As you know, I don’t like seafood, and that is what I don’t like about sushi – the nori (seaweed) tastes too fishy to me.

    Let us know how your sushi adventures go!

  11. I’ve just discovered your blog! – I’m so pleased I’ve found you, I’m from a Jamaican background and interested in Asian culture so I can relate.

    Jamaican’s are not adventurous with our food and the idea of raw fish was just such alien a concept – but I was curious I tired if for the first time last year, it was strange at first and didn’t taste of much, but now I love it and eat it often (although I’m still just a beginner and stick to safe stuff like salmon or tuna – tried tofu the other day, never again! Ha ha). Hope you get a chance to give it a go – let us know what you think.

  12. Many people feel very suspicious regarding Japan Food.
    Especially when they bump into Raw fish, Sea weed, and Japanese Desserts made from red bean paste…

    Maybe this will make you eat Sushi –
    Japanese people enjoy one of the longest life-spans in the world, with much lower rates of heart disease, osteoporosis, and cancer than in the US.
    Another thing you notice when in Japan is how much younger everyone looks comparing to their age group in western countries.

    After experiencing the Food in Tokyo myself for years, I can tell you losing weight is not a question when eating Japanese food.


  13. So what is the update…its May now, did you try it yet?
    OMG!!!!!! Can’t believe you letting all that good stuff pass…! *watermouthing
    Start off with the basics, ya know, egg, kappamaki, tuna (salmon tastes more fishier than tuna)

    Then move to shrimp, salmon, eel

    Then try other kinds of sushi like california rolls (you’ll LOVE this), inarizushi, gunkan-crab

    Then inside out rolls, fried sushi, sushi salad

    You can leave the natto and large ikura toppings. And sea urchin.

    After this you’re ready to drop the rice and go for sashimi :D

    *stamping feet and craving for some fatty tuna sashimi〜!

    1. hahahahaha, i see you LOOOOVVVVVE sushi

      unfortunately I haven’t had any yet -_- in this economic climate I can’t be eating half my paycheck away on one meal but I haven’t given up!

  14. Well my friend and I have kind of been in the same boat. We love cooked options at the sushi joint…but are going for the real thing tomorrow. I am super nervous but when I see how much people love it I want to try it too. I’ll let you know how it goes. I am using some of the advice from the comments on what to start off with…don’t want to move too quickly! Thanks for the blog… -J

  15. Well my friend and I have kind of been in the same boat. We love cooked options at the sushi joint…but are going for the real thing tomorrow. I am super nervous but when I see how much people love it I want to try it too. I’ll let you know how it goes. I am using some of the advice from the comments on what to start off with…don’t want to move too quickly! Thanks for the blog… -J [girl]

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