I met Sachiyo Morimoto yesterday

Who is that is probably the first thing you are asking after reading the post title above. Sachiyo Morimoto is a Japanese journalist, independent publisher, translator, book author and a Jamaica music and culture enthusiast originally from Kagawa Japan. She has been interested in Jamaica for many years and has extensive experience with the culture of people of my homeland and has written a few books about the topic, the most recent book being LT1, Gender and Sexuality in Jamaica. “Sachi” as I was told to call her now lives in Jamaica since November 2008.


I’ve only read the first couple pages and I am already hooked

The way she contacted me was quite strange at first as she originally mistook me for someone else initially but while responding to her message I thought that the named felt familiar and by searching through previous posts on my blog I came upon a post about her book I made earlier this year not long after her book was published and was very surprised. I cleared up the misunderstanding and after exchanging emails for a while we decided to meet up so I could get a copy of her book and meet her in person.


Sachiyo Morimoto

Sachi is great person, she is honest, sincere and professional and what I thought would have been an awkward 15 minute meet-up turned into a 3 hour long discussion filled with laughs, culture exchange and deep meaningful dialog that I have yet to fully digest. There is a chance she will be guest posting and we might also team up with some business endeavors too there is lots more to come.

Look out for a review of her book LT1, Gender and Sexuality in Jamaica as soon as I am finished reading it.

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