Jamaica Pegasus Hosts Successful Tweetup

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a Twitter party of “Tweetup” at the Jamaica Pegasus in Kingston. Tweetups are all the rage worldwide and is defined as an organized or impromptu gathering of people that use Twitter. The Jamaica Pegasus a leading business hotel in Kingston who decided to host it’s first ever tweetup to celebrate the growth of its Twitter following since joining in September 2009 as well as reaching out to it’s customers and attracting new ones by exposing them to the facilities and services provided by their hotel.

The Twitter mascot was on hand to greet guests

It is good to see a more and more Jamaican companies embracing social media and learning how to it can enhance their business. I must applaud the Jamaica Pegasus and it’s forward thinking team and hope many other local companies realize the opportunities that social networks provide. Lots of pictures from the event below.

confirming registration and grabbing a name tag was quick and easy
I arrived on time to see quite a few tweeps at the venue
thats me @Jamaipanese - photographers never seem to be good subjects ^_^
it wasn't long before the superstars like @Stunnerj started to arrive
...then @gordonswaby and @eddieanne
... @corvedacosta and many other tweeple
Radio DJ @captcollinhines from Fame FM provided the tunes
my new "Twife" @iriediva *mwah*
Twitter Fountain showing live tweets tagged with the #jptweetup hashtag
local Twitters users in and around Kingston supported the event
Marketing and Sales Director Prudence Simpson (right) meeting and greeting guests
Lots of food to fuel our tweets about the event...
...prepared by the master chefs at the Jamaica Pegasus
There was even a blue Twitter themed drink!
Linking with fellow Jamaican blogger Gordon
entertainment from Tanto Blacks - who can forget a song called "ticklish me baby"?
Capt Collin Hines on the turntables
Big up to the Jamaica Pegasus for hosting the Tweetup!

Be sure to follow @JamaicaPegasus on Twitter and visit their website for information about their services at Jamaicapegasus.com. Check out fellow blogger Stunner’s coverage of the Tweetup. Hi5 to other local bloggers who were present like Irie Diva, Corve Dacosta and Gordon Swaby.

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25 thoughts on “Jamaica Pegasus Hosts Successful Tweetup

  1. I’m so not playing with you guys!! OK sure, I havent been on Twitter THAT much of late. But seriously, HOW DIS MISS ME? I’m not even talking to you people!!

    Otherwise, hope it was fun — sounds and looks like it … if i were the jealous type, i might have been a little jealous :(

  2. This was a great event. I had fun meeting all the other folks I have speaking to on Twitter. It was nice meeting you! [jamaica]

    1. naw, not even the girlfriend or the boss can pull me away from the TV during world cup matches. This was in the evening hours (in my time zone) after the matches were done for the day.

  3. Hey Jamaipanese,

    Thanks for these great pix. I had to get there late and miss all of you. It was a great party and kudos to the Pegasus for having the foresight to host something like this!

  4. Looks like a great time, man! I would love to attend parties like that. Useful networking that’s actually fun =)

  5. Looks pretty neat! I still haven’t been at a tweetup myself, not sure if there have been any in my area to be honest…

  6. looks like a good event. maybe i shud think about starting to tweet too….wait deh, mi know deh chef deh yuh know.

    I have a suggestion for you…u need to start up a consultancy and work with our ‘slowboat’ Jamaican companies and entities to help them get up and running with social media….hmmmm, ok copyright on this idea is mine.

  7. I had the pleasure of meeting Jamaipanese and he was cute indeed. He did a good job in covering the event and the picture he took of me (and a friend) came out looking wonderful.

    Big up Pegasus for the Tweet-up

    Twitter follower – @theresechambers

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