Operation Visit Japan – February 2010 Report

Operation Visit Japan is now a month old. After the first report in January it’s time for the February update on the status of my plan to visit Japan in mid 2011.

Resisting the urge to splurge on anime figures, gadgets, video games and other tech goodies is a battle that I will be fighting inside for many months to come. Also carefully managing my income and expenses monthly is something that I have failed to do properly throughout my working life so although this is only my second report I can already see some benefits on other aspects of my life. The trouble though is with rising costs and bills here in Jamaica my salary cannot do as much as it used to a year or two ago, but I am sticking to the plan and Operation Visit Japan must and will continue.

February 2010 report

Since putting a donation widget on my site the support from readers and friends have been beyond my expectations. Within a month I have managed to raise $255 of the $300 I had thought would take me at least a year to raise from donations. The $300 was 10% of the total or $3000 needed to ensure the operation would work. I have decided to raise the donation total to $600 as to allow other persons who might want to contribute or those who have contributed already and might want to give more in the future.

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Savings from January, February  and donations bring the total raised for Operation Visit Japan to $459 or just over 15%. $2541 left and 13 months to do it, at the current rate the March 2011 goal will be beaten.

February Donor List

Want to donate? use the Chipin widget above or in the sidebar and you can be listed here in the March 2010 report. A big thank you for those who have donated as well as those who have offered their support, advice or suggestions comments and emails. I’d like to hear from you so if you are reading this and have anything to say so feel free to contact me or leave a comment. Writing these monthly report posts are the shot in the arm I need to reignite the Japan flame, if I am so excited now can you imagine what it will be like a year from now? Look out for the March 2010 report next month.

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13 thoughts on “Operation Visit Japan – February 2010 Report

  1. Good luck, man! I feel you’ll raise your money quicker then expected and you may get more than you anticipated. I think we’ll just enjoy to see you having fun in Jamaippon [jamaica] [japan]

  2. And, if you truly do fall in love with the land of the rising sun after having experienced it first-hand, you can start “Operation Get a Cute J-Girlfriend, Get Married and Get a J-Visa.”


    1. Not sure I am ready for the complexities of an interracial marriage. Fortunately I already got me a cute Jamaican girlfriend who’d follow me wherever in the world I choose to go.

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