Operation Visit Japan – January 2010 Report

Operation Visit Japan was announced earlier this month but was in the planning stage for over a year. Since announcing the plan there were a few last minute details that needed to polished and I can now provide the first monthly report that will keep my readers, family, supporters and friends up to date as I save towards visiting Japan in mid 2011.

Opening new bank Accounts, beating back credit card debt, resisting the urge to buy a smartphone or a PS3,  school fee payments, getting rid of unnecessary expenses and putting into play new money management activities are some of what I have been doing over the past 3 or so months to lay the foundation for Operation Visit Japan.

January 2010 Report

The goal is us$3000 – $1400 for plane tickets $500 for a 14 day rail pass $800 for accommodation and $300 for visa fees and other miscellaneous expenses. So as of January 25th 2010 Operation Visit Japan has raised $100 which is saved from my salary for January so that means I have to raise, save or plunder another $2900 by March 31st 2011!

The passbook in the centre with the pen marks is where I will save the funds for my Japan trip

Donate to Operation Visit Japan

When I announced operation many people expressed that they wanted to contribute and suggested that I add a paypal donate button. Chipin was suggested by Nick from Japansoc and while I initially had my reservations because I couldn’t decide on just how much I think should be donated I have now decided to go ahead and use Chipin with the aim now being to get at least $300 via donations which is 10% of my Operation Visit Japan budget. Who will be the first to donate? Who will donate the most? How fast will get get the $300 dollar threshold? All those questions remain to be answered, but blog/website owners who donate $10 or more via the widget or otherwise will receive a link-back to their webpage in a “Thank you to the contributors” section of the monthly update that follows their donation as well as a shout out via my twitter page. The widget is displayed below and in the sidebar, Please donate!

Email and RSS  subscribers will have to click here to see the ChipIn Widget

Thats it for the January 2010 report, short, concise and to the point. I am really excited now that I have gotten my first drop into the “visit Japan bucket”. Thanks again for your continues support and comments and suggestions are always welcomed below or via my contact page.