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A few years ago I had the idea to add a podcast for this blog that would be an extension of the topics covered on this blog, but the idea fell through after recording the first episode as I thought at the time that such a show probably wouldn’t work and quite frankly I had no idea what I was doing and it sucked. Fast forward to now and I have revisited the podcast idea and for the past month has been playing with the idea of creating a podcast. With the help of fellow Japan enthusiast Buddy Lindsey from we have created what we hope will be the most awesome podcast in the world, and it’s name is All Hail Japan!

But just what is All Hail Japan about? The All Hail Japan podcast is a monthly audio show started in January 2010 that focuses entirely on Japan and related topics. Japan is a very interesting topic idea as it allows the show to select from a large cross section of topics such as anime, history, news, music, manga, dramas, technology, science, video games, J-blogging,Β  food, drink, culture and anything related to or influenced by Japan.

How All Hail Japan was born

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Last year I had the opportunity to be the the Anime 3000 Podcast. The topic on that episode was “Twitter” and on that show we discussed many things related to the anime community and networking on the social networking site. Since then I have been in contact with Sean Russel who is the host of Anime 3000 who was supportive and provided me with advice and resources on how to do a podcast. After months of procrastinating I ran into DumbOtaku online and causally mentioned creating a podcast and he was very interested. A couple weeks of discussion, planning and brainstorming and now All Hail Japan is born.

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The first show

The first show was more an introductory episode which aims to introduce the hosts and provide an overview of what to expect in the upcoming episodes. We have a lot planned and hope the All Hail Japan podcast will be useful to fans of Japan. Check out the All Hail Japan website @, follow @allhailJapan on twitter or become a fan on Facebook, subscribe via RSS or iTunes and give the first episode a listen. We welcome your feedback and advice…. say it with me… All Hail Japan!


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  1. Congratulations on the podcast! I thought about starting a podcast myself, but I was in the same situation as you. But I did get some podcasting experience when I was interviewed on American Otaku on BTR last year. ^^

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