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Long before all my various flings and marriages to anime girls like Teresa, Yoko and Balsa there was only one virtual girl in my life and her name was Samus Aran. I had a Samus fansite even before this blog and up to this day I doubt I have spent as much time on one single game as I have done with Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo.

Fast forward to the present past the Metroid Prime trilogy for the Gamecube and Wii and you have my most anticipated game of the year. No it’s not Final Fantasy XIII, no it’s not Bioshock 2 not even the upcoming Call of Duty, my most anticipated video game of 2010 is certainly Metroid Other M and I am barely holding back the geekgasms thinking about how awesome this game should be when it gets released for the Nintendo Wii later this year.

Metroid Other M trailer from E3 2009, what will E3 2010 hold?

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My Samus stalking has revealed that a teaser Japanese website for Metroid Other M went live recently and I have been listening to the voice of someone who seems to be Samus as well as the awesome background music while going through the ultra simple website for any clues about the game. The game is expected to be released this Summer in Japan and the Autumn for us in the west, saying I can’t wait would be an understatement, in the mean time I’ll have to make due with looking at some Samus Aran Cosplay.

Check out the Metroid Other M teaser site at

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11 thoughts on “Metroid Other M Japan Website

  1. I remember playing Metroid as a kid and thinking it rocked. It was, and still is, one of my favorite games, right along with Super Contra. I also remember how blown my mind was when I found out that Samus was a woman. I think that was my first exposure to the idea of gender equality, and that women could be bad ass too.

    You see that? Video games can teach you something. I learned EO first from Metroid, not school.

    1. man thats so true, my first Metroid Game was Metroid 2 and the old gameboy, playing that as a 12 year old and thinking she was actually a male macho futuristic gunslinger.

      1. I think it affected my preference for women too. Never really liked the girly-girly looking ones after that. I wanted the tomboy, tough-girl type. Oh, and I always enjoy stories that have a strong, bold female lead too. Well, sci-fi and fantasy stories anyway.

  2. Holy crap.. Team Ninja + Nintendo..

    This seems like it’s going to be more of a Hack and slash action-adventure, Team Ninja excels at, then what we’ve seen in the last 3 games.

  3. dat look AWESOME!!! unfortunately the last metroid I played was the one on super nintendo which is one of my all time favourite games…. The on on game boy years ago was also good… Also unfortunately Im sold out to PS3 so wont be seeing that game i guess

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