Jamaipanese.com turns 4 today

Believe it or not it’s been 4 full years since I started blogging at Jamaipanese.com, it’s hard for me to believe but it’s true as in the blink of an idea my geek repository has now become an integral part of my life. Blogging continues to be loads of fun and my posts especially over the last year has been a joy to write. The blog has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year and I continue to meet awesome people who share my interests in Japan, technology, video games, anime and more almost everyday.

Swinging from branches is fun, you should try it, ……seriously, you should.

A Year filled with Milestones

Looking back on my 3rd anniversary post and some of the goals I set for myself I am glad I was able to achieve most of them. The most important of which was to kick off my plans for visiting Japan which was detailed through  Operation Visit Japan. In case you missed out on some of my posts or you are new to the blog please check out the archives for a monthly list of my posts. Some of my favorites over the past year include – Full Scale Gundam in Tokyo Complete, Japan an Illustrated History, My awesome Yoko Littner FigureAll Hail the Ginyu Force, 5 Amazing Japanese Robots and of course the January 2010 report for Operation Visit Japan and the new All Hail Japan podcast project aimed at fellow Japan enthusiasts.

While drafting this 4th anniversary post I realized there had been
exactly 4444 approved comments on Jamaipanese.com

Visitor Statistics Overview

Google analytics reported that visitors to Jamaipanese.com more than doubled to just under 200, 000 visitors for the January 2009 to January 2010 period with Clicky reporting 220,000 for the same period. Many more popular blogs get than many visitors in a day but I’m still very proud. Anime related posts, My mostly Gundam Figures and a pair of Usain Bolt Arms were some of the popular entries over the past year, for more popular posts check out my top 10 popular posts from 2009. Not surprisingly Firefox remains king with my visitors with Internet Explorer a distant second and newish kid on the browser block Google Chrome taking over third.

My L Nendoroid figure continues to be a big fan of my blog

Looking to the future

Without a doubt saving towards and achieving the goal of visiting Japan in mid 2011 is one of my most important goals for the next year and if all goes as planned next year this time I’ll be counting down the days ’til I’ll be in  Japan! I continue to thank all my friends, family, visitors and well wishers for your support and entertaining my Japan obsession. Cheers and here’s to another great year for Jamaipanese.com.