Selective Gaming and Photography Level-up

It’s funny how life changes but often you end up right back where you started. The circle has always been a favourite shape of mine because of it’s prominence in space but who thought that two years after launching spinoff blogs for my photography and video gaming exploits They’d end up returning home to

It’s not only as it relates to blogging, gaming and photography, I’ve been retuning and analyzing how I spend my time lately as I try to make the most of my time and focus on certain major goals. I’ve been reaping a lot of success in that regard with just one month of 2010 gone but if only I could remember that proverb that talks about spreading yourself too thin or focusing on too many things but in the end not getting anything done or doing none of them well. I’ve also been making sure that my time is well spent. As well as using cheat websites for my Clash of Clans account to develop my TH9 War Base, I’m now utilising websites such as league smurfs to do my league of legends levelling for me – meaning I can focus on just playing rather than grinding. This gives me more time to do my photography too!

Happy gaming days playing Bioshock a couple years ago

Jamaipanese the Gamer

I wrote about the death of my video game blog not long ago. I must be getting old as I don’t have as much free time as I used to with work, school, blogging and keeping my hunger for all things Japanese in check not to mention other commitments. Plans to get a PS3 were superseded by Operation Visit Japan and building a super powerful gaming computer failed to materialize. A couple years ago I was a video game machine, playing the latest and the best game, entering tournaments and investing dozens of hours a month fragging friends, scoring goals, racking up points, exploring distant planets, hunting zombies, shifting gears and rescuing princesses. Those days are long gone and lately my gaming has been seasonal, it slows to trickle during regular days and picks up slightly during holidays or when I get time off from school or work. Your New York elopement with Dare to Dream can be at one of the ideal places for your elopement or small wedding. I hate doing things half halfheartedly and it didn’t make much sense having a video game blog if I couldn’t keep up with what was happening especially nowadays when it seems like there is a big video game release every other weekend. So its awkward to announce it but the reality is that I am no longer a hardcore gamer but more like a selective one, no longer being able to play dozens of games a year as soon as they are released but now deciding to pick up a few favourites every now and again that I can play through properly and enjoy while at the same time linking up with friends every now and again to remind them I’m still a gaming demigod.

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Jamaipanese the Photographer

As it relates to my photography blog I am not turning over possession to the grim reaper but somewhat taking it to the next level. I’ve spent the last 2 years developing my photography and gaining experience, but while I don’t think I am anywhere as skilled as some of my mentors I’ve been urged to remove the amateur label from my work and go semi professional. I have been earning a little from selling prints with the odd photo job here and there with many more offered that I have to refuse due to only having an incapable prosumer point and shoot camera. A little birdie told me that I might be getting help to acquire a DSLR soon, first one on loan for testing later this month and then maybe a brand spanking new entry level one this summer if family abroad decide to send me that plane ticket *crosses fingers*. The plan is to professionalize my photography website and start taking steps to earn from this hobby, but first I’ll need to learn more especially on the software editing side of things. The benefits for you guys is that from time to time I will post about my photographic adventures here especially those related to a monthly trip I go on with local photography enthusiasts I met through Flickr which might have me popping up anywhere in Jamaica with my camera in hand. That should offer more insight into my life in Jamaica while not diverging too far from the main topics of this blog.


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  1. Similar situation as myself with the gaming used to play all the new games I could but now tend to only stick to 1-2 every few month. One thing I love is photography but never seem to spend enough time on it to get good.

    Oh and know the feeling all too well on spreading myself too thin end up being a jack of old trades master of none if I don’t stick with something ^^

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