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A couple weeks ago I bought a couple books to help me in my quest to rediscover my reading mojo. I have been diligently keeping my promise to read more with my preferred reading time being just before bed. I have now finished reading Japan an Illustrated History and man was it a cool book!

Japan: An Illustrated History explores the history of Japan from it’s mythical creation at the hands of Gods thousands of years ago right up to the end of Showa Japan in 1989. Almost everything is explored and explained in-between with Japan’s political, military, religious and social history explained in simple terms and laid out in a well-written and properly paced sections complete with images and subtitles.

Shoguns and Samurai

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It’s no encyclopedia but for persons like me interested in Japan’s remarkable history it is a must read. Want to understand more about who a Shogun was? Why did Japans Capital change from Kyoto to Tokyo in the late 19th century? Who was Oda Nobunaga? What did it take to be a Samurai? All these questions and so much more are explained in Japan: An Illustrated History.

About the Author

Japan: An Illustrated History was written by Shelton Woods and published by Hippocrene Books. Mr Woods is the author of many books and was born in Asia. He teaches Japanese history at the university level in the United States.

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  1. That sounds like a good read there. I love reading about history and culture, especially Japan’s. [love] I’m going to have to add this to my wishlist, at the very least, and look for it at the library.

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