Cherudim Gundam Figure

Gundam figure number 8 arrived a few weeks ago and after a few sittings I finally managed to complete it. Why did it take so long? Easy…this is my least favourite figure I have built so far, but more on that later. Gundam Cherudim was introduced in season 2 of Gundam Double O as the replacement unit for Dynames from season 1. The design, colour scheme and armament is very similar to Dynames but Cherudim has it’s own unique features and improvements.

Cherudim Gundam from the Gundam Double O timeline

Why I dislike it

I don’t hate it really I just prefer my other gundam figures and had more fun building them. I thought I would like the colour scheme seeing that read and green are my favourite colours but the crappy design, big ass tail-end and retarded shield bits made me retract the minor complaints I had about my GN-X III A-Laws figure. Other buyers of this figure have similar complaints. More pictures, specs, a trivia question and a poll below.

Cherudim Gundam with GN Sniper Rifle, visor and GN shield bits

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General Information and Specs

Unit type: long-range sniper mobile suit
Overall height: 18.0 meters
Overall weight: 58.9 metric tons
Equipment: GN Drive, Trans-Am system, Haro
Armament: GN sniper rifle II, GN beam pistol II x 2, GN shield bit x 9, GN missile launcher x 4
Pilot: Lockon Stratos (aka Lyle Dylandy)

Cherudim Gundam with GN Sniper Rifle [see the ugly tail it has?]

Random trivia

Who watched the test video of room and would be kind enough to tell me via a comment the other Gundam figure I bought along with this one? *hint* you can see the box less than 30 seconds inside the video. You can find all this information on the popular game portal of friv games.

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Cherudim Gundam with GN Pistol and Assault Rifle

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Specs via รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Mecha Anime HQ


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  1. longevity and defence. i seen too much gundam to know that the meca always gets crushed and badly beaten in the end [anime]

  2. Lots of gundam been crushed in end.. except the Striker Freedom gundam & Infinite Justice Gundam in Gundam Seed Destiny lolz~ [smile]

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