Operation Visit Japan – April 2010 Report

Writing the monthly report post for Operation Visit Japan is easily one of my favorite tasks each month. Still over a year away from being reality but plans are progressing much better than estimated as I quickly cover the 3 main expenses namely plane tickets, accommodation and a railpass for a 3-4 week visit to Japan between July 2011 and August 2011.

The economic situation in Jamaica doesn’t seem to be getting much better so I wasn’t able to save more that the usual this month but I am happy to announce that I have tallied up the advertising revenue from January to March 2010 minus the cost for web hosting plus a couple books I had bought to review. Decided to add the advertising revenue info to this report and future reports on a quarterly basis. Still have to do without playing Final Fantasy 13 but happy I have Monster Hunter Tri to keep my company while I wait to borrow a copy.

April 2010 Report

The donation widget didn’t get too much attention this month maybe because I didn’t do much promotion of it with all the promotion going toward my Kanji poster and audio tours giveaway (reading this on or before Friday April 30th 2010? there is still time to enter!) but still managed to get one donation which still makes a difference. Net advertising revenue from my blog for the first quarter of 2010 was $215. Donations and savings for April total $125 plus $215 in advertising and the $630 saved/raised in January, February and March we have a grand total of $970 or just over 32% of the $3000 goal.

April Donor List

Koichi from Tofugu.com

Want to donate? use the Chipin widget above or in the sidebar or if you don’t use paypal and want to donate some other way feel free to contact me and you and your blog or website (if you have one) can be listed here in the May 2010 report. Thanks to everyone who continue to support Operation Visit Japan and my blog.