I gOtZ it – Monster Hunter Tri

My weekend has been filled with English Premiere League Football, fixing my ever dying home PC (more on that later), photography and most importantly – Monster Hunter Tri. Released on the 20th but only finding it’s way into my Wii via my courier and my paws yesterday. Monster Hunter Tri is the first of a few games *whisper* metroid other m *whisper* I am looking forward to getting using my stockpile of Amazon gift cards I amassed from being a JibTV program monitor.

Double O Gundam inspects the shiny new classic controller pro packaged with the game

About 5 or so hours in I have created my Hunter, with the help of my younger sister – so no surprise she is female with ponytails and blonde hair. She wields a huge lance and so far monsters (the very tiny ones) buckle at her feet. Tried to figure out the online play but it is super confusing and I haven’t gotten the chance yet to understand and decipher it all but if you are reading this and playing Monster Hunter Tri and want a clumsy lance rookie on your team drop me a comment, message or tweet and I’ll be more than happy to cause the death of the entire party.

I expect this game to be a success in the west as it is huge in Japan and Capcom is putting a lot of advertising muscle behind it. I hope my prediction will become reality as everyone ditches the pokeballs, takes up a massive weapon and charges into battle. Full review and gameplay experience write-up once I’ve logged a few dozen more hours, while you wait please vote in the poll below.

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