MTV Japan 2010 VMAs – Reggae Video Nominees

Japan is the second largest music market in the world with a vibrant local music scene and deep connection to the global music industry. Jamaican music is big in Japan with many local entertainers releasing Japan-only albums and touring Japan regularly. MTV Japan like it’s north American parent has a yearly awards. The 2010 MTV Japan 2010 Video Music Awards will be held on Saturday May 30th and while not very knowledgeable of Japanese music on a whole I take interest in the reggae music category.

In Japan Reggae isn’t quite ‘Reggae’

It was interesting to find out that since the Best Reggae Video Award began in 2006 it has never been won by a Jamaican. Looking through the nominations  over the years, doing a quick search and taking a listen at some of the past nominees and winners it reminds me that I am not quit sure that Japanese understand the different types of Jamaican music. Everything from Jamaica, features a Jamaican or remotely has a Caribbean vibe or a hint of patois is called “Reggae” but I’ll have to do my part battle that problem in a separate post.

I see my twitter pal Ryo the Skywalker was nominated last year and again this year, Sean Kingston has gone on to big things since I blogged about him 2 years ago but from watching the videos on this list I must say I like Sean Paul’s the most and hope he wins. Video embedded below along with full nominee list for this year and nominees and winner from last year.

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2010 Nominees

  • Han-Kun — “Keep it Blazing” – video
  • Pushim — “My Endless Love” – video
  • Sean Paul — “So Fine” – video
  • Sean Kingston — “Fire Burning” – video
  • Ryo the Skywalker — “ここにある今を 共に歩き出そう” – video

Nominees from 2009

  • Han-Kun — “Hotter Than Hot” – videoWINNER
  • Kardinal Offishall (featuring Akon) — “Dangerous” – video
  • Mighty Jam Rock — “U.P. Star” – video
  • Natty — “Cold Town” – video
  • Ryo the Skywalker — “Ever Green” – video

MTV Japan VMAs Reggae Video Nominees


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  1. I totally agree with you, “In Japan Reggae isn’t quite ‘Reggae’” It is hard to find really good Reggae in Japan, especially mainstream. I think there are a lot of people that use the term Reggae just to get the name of their music out there, but they don’t really understand it. However, there is good stuff out there, a lot of times it’s just not in the mainstream yet. I’ve had to bawl out laughin at some things that I’ve heard, because I can’t believe it is in Japanese. But yes! I’m looking forward to that post!

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