Another Japan based Twitter Clone – Imatsubu

Fuji Television Network, Inc or Fuji TV is one of Japans major television networks, kind of like an ABC or NBC of Japan. Just months after announcing the intention to air a Japanese drama that features the popular social networking website Twitter, Fuji TV has launched a clone of the same service.

Imatsubu which translates to “Tweeting Now” is just an exact clone of Twitter with the addition of emoticons. Just over a month ago I blogged about another Japan based twitter clone from Ameba but at least they have a user base from their blogging service that can filter across. Not sure why Fuji TV would need a Twitter like service but lets see how it goes.

Follow my rambling on the [original] twitter @Jamaipanese.

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3 thoughts on “Another Japan based Twitter Clone – Imatsubu

  1. Not sure what reason they might have to launch a service like this but, a way to get people to hear of it and possible use it is to have the show rewritten to use that service instead of twitter.

    Also, have the entire shows cast and crew use the service microblogging the production and have fake ones for characters of the show.

    I would also do the same for any other show they might have in production.


  2. Just the addition of emoticons will probably make it rather popular. But since Twitter is going mainstream in Japan now, I doubt Imatsubu is gonna be that big^^

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